Update - photo appeal after reported incidents involving dog in Poole

29 October 2018
Officers investigating reported incidents involving an out of control dog in Poole say the owner has come forward. 

On or around Monday 1 October 2018 a man was cycling through Bourne Valley Park sometime between 7am and 7.30am when he was approached by one of two Alsatian dogs.

The pedal of the bicycle struck the dog, which reportedly reacted by biting the victim’s leg. The bite did not penetrate the victim’s skin.

On Sunday 14 October 2018 the same dog reportedly approached the victim – a local man aged in his 40s – on his bike again. The victim got off his bike and placed the bike between him and the dog before asking the owner to control his pet.

A photo taken by the victim was issued by Dorset Police. A man has now come forward and is assisting officers with their investigation. No arrests have been made.
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