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A year in post and Jake has proved his worth to the Force

27 July 2017
Back in August 2016, Jake Moore took up his new role as the Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer for Dorset Police. Since then Jake has delivered over 100 talks to over 3500 people.

The Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Unit is focused on ensuring that the Force provides a quality response to all forms of online crime in our communities. Evidence shows that 80 per-cent of fraud and cyber-crime is preventable.

As part of the Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer role, Jake spends a large percentage of his time educating members of the public on how to protect themselves from becoming victims of online crime.

Various engagement methods, for example a cyber-crime YouTube channel, have been developed to reach more people who are unable to engage in the traditional means such as presentations and events.

These engagement channels offer information on current crime trends and threats affecting online users, and pass advice, top tips and prevention techniques to help businesses and individuals stay safe online.

Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer Jake Moore said: “The majority of cyber-crime and fraud is preventable. Verifying email links and attachments before you open them, making passwords long and unique, and backing up all your valuable data, will go a long way to keeping you safe online. It is frustrating to see so many crimes happening that could have been prevented.

“There are many quick fixes that are easy to implement that will go a long way in keeping you safe from cyber-crime. Please go to our YouTube channel to view short videos for more information.

“I look forward to the next 12 months in post and have some exciting new engagement ideas planned – watch this space!”

Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill said: “Cyber issues weren’t a key focus in my previous Police & Crime Plan for Dorset, but now, in response to the emergence of this growing crime area and subsequent concerns from local people and businesses, we have a dedicated cyber-crime prevention officer.

"Jake has educated over 3,500 people in just 10 months on online safety measures we can take. This is a fantastic resource for Dorset and I look forward to seeing how Jake’s expertise will continue to benefit local people.”

For more information about cyber-crime and prevention techniques please go to our website dorset.police.uk/cybercrime. You can also follow us on Twitter @DP_CyberCrime, Facebook @DorsetPoliceCyberCrime or on our Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Unit YouTube channel.

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