Force welcomes HMIC PEEL report

12 April 2017
Dorset Police and the Police & Crime Commissioner has welcomed the full annual Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) PEEL (Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy) report, released today.

HMIC publish reports which make up its annual assessment of all 43 police forces in England and Wales.

The report described Dorset Police as having a good understanding of the problems affecting the people of Dorset, and working well with other public service organisations to prevent crime and reduce anti-social behaviour. It was also referenced that there is a clear priority within the force to reduce harm and protect the most vulnerable people across the county.

Dorset Police were found to investigate crime to a high standard, providing victims with a good service, and managing serious and organised crime well.

The first of the three reports, ‘Police Efficiency’ was published in November 2016. This report assessed that the way Dorset Police uses its available resources to match complex demand is ‘good’.

The Force was graded ‘good’ overall at keeping people safe and was found to be planning effectively for the future.

The second report ‘Police Legitimacy’, which was published on 8 December 2016, focused on the Force’s approach to treating people fairly with an overall grading of ‘good’. It assessed the culture within Dorset Police and found that those working for the Force behave in a way that is fair, ethical and within the law.

HMIC recognised there is a strong commitment to collaboration, both through the strategic alliance with Devon and Cornwall Police and through local partnership working.

The report found that the Force promotes a culture of innovation and understands the value of diversity in its workforce.

The third and final report, published 2 February 2017 on ‘Police Effectiveness’, concluded that the Dorset Police’s approach to keeping people safe and reducing crime is also ‘good’.

The Force received praise for its efforts in safeguarding the vulnerable, protecting the public from dangerous people and reducing crime.

The report recognised that Dorset Police is experiencing resource pressures, with work to protect people at risk of harm creating more demand, however it acknowledged that with the introduction of mobile technology some of this demand may be alleviated.

The Inspectorate found that the Force maintains a visible presence in local communities, and that crime investigations are of a good standard with skilled and experienced officers.

HMIC concluded that Dorset Police provides an effective service to the public, with a clear priority to reduce harm across the county.

The Force was commended for improving performance since the previous assessment.
In response to the HMIC assessments, Chief Constable Debbie Simpson, said: “I very much welcome the HMIC’s reports and that our efforts are recognised by the inspectorate.

“The consistent good grading is testament to the dedication and hard work of all the officers and staff here at Dorset Police.

“This is a reflection of all the steps we have taken to ensure Dorset remains one of the safest counties and how we hold victims at the heart of what we do.”

Police & Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, said: “I congratulate the Force on another positive report. As we transition to my new Police and Crime Plan, I am confident that activity carried out by my Office will continue to benefit from the hard work, commitment and receptiveness of Dorset Police personnel to improving the service provided to the people of Dorset.”

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