Top tip clips on cyber-crime

06 March 2017
The Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Unit has launched a new channel on YouTube that will host a series of short three minute videos in an effort to keep businesses safe from cyber-attacks.

More and more businesses are falling foul to cyber-attacks as a result of poor security. From April to September 2016 there were 2,406 reports of fraud in Dorset, 47% of which were from businesses.

The videos will offer information and advice on a series of topics and will be available to view whenever convenient.  

Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer Jake Moore said: “Typically it is difficult for businesses to find the time to sit down with us and discuss their security and any vulnerability. 

“Having cyber security measures in place can protect you, your company data and your reputation from cyber-attacks.”

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, said: “Cyber-crime has the potential to affect every house and business in Dorset.

“My pledge to introduce a cyber-crime prevention officer was based on the concerns I had heard from local community members and businesses.

“This new platform will inform businesses against the risks associated with cyber-crime in an accessible and engaging way. It will raise awareness of Jake’s role and the role of our forthcoming Business Crime Champion, among those who can most benefit from their expertise. I look forward to seeing the channel grow.”

Search for 'Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Unit' on YouTube to subscribe to the channel and view all of the cyber security videos, and learn how to keep your business safe from cyber-attacks. 

For information and advice about staying safe online please visit and follow the cyber-crime & cyber safety link. You can also follow us on twitter @DP_CyberCrime and the Dorset Police Cyber Crime Unit Facebook page.
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