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Dorset Police joins forces with Tell MAMA to support victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes

26 January 2017
An awareness event was held in partnership with Bournemouth University to bring together police, partners and the community to develop a better understanding of anti-Muslim hate crime and the impact it has on Dorset communities.   Dorset Police has signed an Information Sharing Agreement with Tell Mama and will support the ongoing work of Tell Mama with police forces and the government to raise awareness of anti-Muslim hate crime through sharing information, good practice, trends and training events. Dorset Police’s hate crime lead, Superintendent Nicky Searle, said: “Although anti-Muslim hate crimes are low in Dorset, racially and religiously aggravated hate offences are the most common type of hate crime in the county. It is important for Tell MAMA to form partnerships with police forces across the country and not just those in areas which have large Muslim communities and high rates of hate crime.  “National and international acts of terrorism and hate impact directly on incidents and crimes that take place in Dorset and it is important that police and partners understand both the scale and the impact that such incidents have on our communities. “We know that hate crime is under-reported and so anything that Dorset Police and partners, working together as Prejudice Free Dorset, can do to raise awareness and reduce prejudice really helps our communities feel safe." Between April 2015 and March 2016, there were 421 hate crimes and incidents reported in Dorset, with 23 of these being directly related to religion or belief. Victims can report hate crimes via the Dorset Police website or can contact Tell MAMA directly at www.tellmamauk.org. 
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