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25 January 2017
Dorset Police has relaunched the Dorset Alert service with valuable new features for people to explore.

The website at www.dorsetalert.co.uk has been simplified and redesigned to match the Force website, which has been well received since its launch in June 2016. This allows for easier navigation, a much quicker sign-up process and makes recent alerts more prominent.

There are a number of new user groups for people to join based on their hobbies and interests, for example football or walking. This would allow them to receive specific information targeted to their hobby, such as alerting hikers or dog walkers to crimes happening in the countryside.

A significant new feature allows businesses and other organisations, such as schools, to sign up and receive information tailored to them. Business owners or members of staff can now register their business and categorise by its type, for example a dental surgery or shop. Restricted categories, such as schools or health providers, will be verified by Dorset Police before alerts can be received.

Business accounts can also be linked to existing personal accounts for people who already use Dorset Alert, or new individual accounts can be set-up as part of a business account. This allows people to receive messages which are relevant to not only their home address and personal interests, but also their workplace or type of organisation.

Dorset Police Chief Superintendent Jane Newall said: “Dorset Alert is an effective way to connect communities with their local police and to help keep people safe. It is free-of-charge, with most messages sent by email. It also allows alerts for major emergencies to be received by text or phone call when immediate action is required to stay safe.

“We want people to know what is happening in their area, whether this is a break into an outbuilding or criminal damage to a vehicle, so that they are able to take steps to prevent them becoming a victim of crime. Users can also respond to messages and provide information which may help to solve a crime or protect someone who is vulnerable.

“I hope more people will sign-up to the system using the new streamlined process. More than 20,000 individuals already use it and this should expand rapidly with the new features for businesses and improved topics available.

“If you already receive the alerts, then I strongly encourage you to log in to your account and add yourself to any of the new user groups that are of interest and consider adding any organisations you are involved with.

“I hope that even more local people will make use of the Dorset Alert system, to help keep themselves safe and influence the way their local neighbourhood is policed.”

More quick facts about Dorset Alert:
• It is a two-way community messaging system, which allows Dorset Police to share information by email, landline or text message and for people to reply to any alerts.
• The service is free-of-charge.
• A member can unsubscribe or change the alerts they receive at any time.
• Users can choose the type of information they would like to receive; including crime and anti-social behaviour alerts, witness appeals, crime prevention tips, community events and local good news.
• The exact messages people receive depends on the type of alerts they select, the areas they live or work in and any interests and hobbies selected.
• A message is not sent out for every crime or incident that happens. The aim is to send information where police believe it will reduce the opportunity for crime and anti-social behaviour, or if it could help to solve a crime.
• People can also opt-in to receive information from other organisations, such as consultation events run by the Police & Crime Commissioner or gas leaks attended by SGN.
• To sign-up for Dorset Alert or manage your existing account visit www.dorsetalert.co.uk

Dorset Alert is one of a number of ways to stay connected with the police including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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