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New Year, new career?

04 January 2017
Dorset Police has launched another round of recruitment for those considering a unique career as a non-emergency call handler, or a 101 & 999 call taker / radio operator.

The Force Command Centre based at Winfrith is separated into two areas: dispatch radio operators, who pass details of the call to the appropriate police team, and call handlers. A team of 36 members of staff are normally on duty in the Force Command Centre at any one time. 

Call takers and radio operators answer calls and co-ordinate police resources across the whole of Dorset, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Superintendent Caroline Naughton, Contact Management lead, said: “If you are entering 2017 looking for a job that is varied, rewarding and challenging, a call taker role could be the right choice for you.

“As a call taker you will be the first point of contact in answering and responding to emergency and non-emergency calls. You must have the ability to listen and determine the correct response. 

“When people call us, they generally need our help, which allows you to really make a difference in the moment and have a lasting impact. You would be part of a team that provides the vital link between members of the public and operational police officers. Every contact counts.”

Dorset covers 1,024 square miles, has a resident population of 742,000 and attracts 14.3 million overnight stays by visitors each year. It is a busy place but has one of the lowest recorded crime rates in the country, and the Force Command Centre is key to keeping it that way. 

Of the 290,000 or so calls received each year, on average just under 30 per cent are received via 999. Answering 999 calls is not always a matter of life and death. However, the way all calls are handled can make a vital difference.

101 & 999 call taker recruitment is open until 24 January 2017. Non-emergency call handler roles are available on a non-shift Monday to Friday basis. Dorset Police offers full time and part time working opportunities, with starting salaries of between £17,943 to £21,531 depending on role and working pattern. 

For more information, visit https://www.dorset.police.uk/recruitment/force-command-centre/101-999-call-takerradio-operator/

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