Christmas safety: a night out on the town with Dorset Police

14 December 2016
As part of a safety campaign, the Force will be offering members of the public a unique insight into what a Friday night in Weymouth Town Centre means for police officers on duty.

Dorset Police is issuing advice around safety in the night-time economy, which forms part of the wider ‘Christmas Safety #AllWrappedUp’ festive crime prevention campaign.

Superintendent Charlie Eggar said: “The last thing we want to do is stop anyone having fun. We just want to encourage people to consider their personal safety before going on a night out and to make decisions during the night that do not put themselves or others in danger.

“Excessive drinking lowers your inhibitions and can result in you doing things you may later regret. It also affects your senses and can make you less aware of potential dangers. This can lead to people getting themselves into trouble with the law and makes them more likely to be a victim of crime. Please follow our advice and help Dorset Police keep our night time communities safe.”

The Force has been working closely with partners on a number of initiatives across the county, to meet the Force priorities of reducing the number of victims of crime and the number of people seriously harmed. This includes the RU2Drunk initiative which was jointly funded by the Weymouth BID and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) and has been running in Weymouth since September this year.

Acting Police and Crime Commissioner, Colin Pipe, said: “The RU2Drunk scheme is just one example of the work we are doing with local partners, to maintain our towns as safe places which can be enjoyed by all who visit. We need the public’s help to ensure this remains the case.”

At the same time as asking members of the public to do their bit, Dorset Police will be showcasing the work that officers, staff and partners do to make sure people have a safe night out over Christmas.

On Friday 16 December, members of the public will be able to tune in to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to observe a busy Friday night in Weymouth Town Centre.

Weymouth Neighbourhood Inspector Pete Browning said: “We are running this campaign to raise awareness of the importance of good decision making while on a night out.

“We know that Christmas is a perfect time to go out celebrating with friends and family, and Dorset Police is committed to keeping visitors to the county’s fun, vibrant towns safe. However our chances of doing so are far greater with the support and cooperation of members of the public.

“This social media event is a fantastic opportunity to share our work with the public and get their take on how Dorset Police is protecting them while they are out enjoying themselves this Christmas.

"You can follow the event on social media: all information will carry the hashtag #DPNightOut"

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