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Joint initiative to target UK's coastlines and waterways

17 November 2016
People living or working around the UK's coastline and waterways are being asked to report suspicious or unusual activity as part of National Counter Terrorism Week.

Police are asking people who live or work around the UK's coastline and waterways to help keep the country safe from criminal activity.

As part of National Counter Terrorism Week, Border Force, the National Crime Agency (NCA), and police forces across the country are promoting Project Kraken, which aims to increase public reporting and strengthen the maritime industry's response to criminal and terrorist threats.

The multi-agency initiative includes intelligence-led activity, using various tactics across many locations to prevent and deter criminal activity.

A day of action is taking place on Thursday 1 December 2016 as part of National Counter Terrorism Week.

Chief Superintendent Jim Nye, Strategic Alliance Commander for Operations for Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, and Chair of the UK Seaport Commanders said: "Information and advice will be given to people across the counties who visit, live or work near the coastline and waterways. Local knowledge and experience puts our maritime community in a good position to spot anything unusual.

“By working together we can help to prevent terrorists and organised criminals posing a threat to your neighbours, your pastimes, your businesses and your livelihoods.

“We are asking people to report any unusual or suspicious behaviour in these and other maritime environments. No matter how trivial it may seem; if it looks out of the ordinary, we want to know about it.”

Any unusual or suspicious activity along the coastline or in maritime environments should be reported immediately. This could include:

1. Crew who show signs of nervousness or a lack of awareness of maritime protocols and customs.
2. Vessels showing signs of unusual modification or minor damage.
3. Increased activity at isolated coastal locations or at unusual times of the day.
4. Attempts to signal to vessels offshore or guide them into an unusual location.
5. Strange patterns of payment, such as large amounts of cash.
6. People testing site security or an unusual interest in site structures and wharfs.

Acting Police and Crime Commissioner, Colin Pipe, said: “We are fortunate enough to have 90 miles of coastline in Dorset and the Project Kraken initiative helps to keep our waters safe, by encouraging our marine communities to report anything suspicious.

"These communities are best placed to recognise something out of the ordinary, and help the police to prevent and detect crimes on the water.

"The Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, has been raising the issue of port security for some time now – asking the then Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, to reinvigorate this particular initiative – but it is only with the eyes and ears of residents, sharing information, we will continue to keep Dorset safe.”

Any unusual or suspicious activity should be reported to Dorset Police via email at kraken@dorset.pnn.police.uk or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Alternatively, unusual or suspicious activity can be reported to us using 101.   

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