Dorset Police welcomes first successful Community Road Safe evening

30 September 2016
On Thursday 29 September, Dorset Police successfully launched the first free Community Road Safe evening for the public from the Safewise centre in Bournemouth, in an attempt to improve road safety across the county.

The innovative workshops follow on from the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner’s manifesto pledge to expand road safety education to the wider driver population, and form part of the Force’s proactive efforts to ‘reduce the number of people seriously harmed’ in Dorset.

The Community Road Safe evenings are funded directly from Driver Awareness Scheme course payments paid by motorists who break the law and compromise the safety of all road users. 

21 guests attended the workshop, with a full list of reserves who Dorset Police aim to educate at later sessions. 

During the evening, attendees received refresher education on driver distractions, the ‘Fatal Five’ causes of collisions, situations where road users are at the greatest risk and what can be done to minimise the chance of being involved in a collision.

One attendee commented: “Before attending, I would have said I was very confident on the roads. I'd now say I'm reasonably confident. The session was a real eye opener. There are so many hazards that I was completely unaware of. I'll definitely be far more aware and cautious than before.”

Another attendee said: “I have been concerned about speed in my local area for a long time. Being able to speak with local officers was really useful. I'm now looking to volunteer with Community Speed Watch in my area.” 

Inspector Matt Butler of the Alliance Roads Policing Team, said: “It isn’t always reckless drivers that cause collisions. Momentary lapses of concentration and simple, careless mistakes feature in many of the collisions I attend. 

“That is why these innovative Community Road Safe evenings to refresh the knowledge of all road users are so important.”

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, who opened the event, said: “I welcome how successfully the police and partners are working together to raise awareness of road safety to the general driving population.

“Irrespective of how long you have been driving, I would encourage all road users to attend the upcoming Community Road Safe evenings and be prepared on the roads.”

Upcoming workshops will run from 6pm to 8.30pm in locations across the county:
• Tuesday 4 October – SafeWise, Weymouth 
• Wednesday 12 October – Blandford Fire Station (reserve list only, fully booked)
• Thursday 20 October – Bridport Fire Station
• Tuesday 1 November – Shaftesbury Fire Station

If you want to enhance your skills, confidence and safety on the road, book your space by emailing

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