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Violence against women – message from Deputy Chief Constable Scott Chilton and Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill

15 March 2021
Dorset Police Deputy Chief Constable Scott Chilton and Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill are issuing a message to Dorset's communities about violence against women. 

"Over the last week many people in our communities have understandably felt the need to speak out about their experiences and fears of violence, abuse or harassment in this country.

"We acknowledge that this is a very real and concerning problem in our own communities in Dorset and we recognise that people are worried.

"We would like to reassure everyone that we understand your concerns and we are listening to them. 

"It is completely unacceptable for women of any age to feel unsafe whether they are at home, on the streets, in school or at work. 

"This is a problem that directly affects half of our communities and we need to ensure women and all in our communities are safe and feel safe. It is paramount that we as a police service are part of the solution, stand alongside women and girls in our communities and bring about real change that will benefit generations to come. 

"Dorset Police remains absolutely committed to protecting everyone from violence and society as a whole must play their part in stopping this. We take reports of violence, harassment and assault very seriously. We will investigate these reports and do everything we can, working with partners across the criminal justice system, to bring offenders to justice. We will continue to work with those people affected to better understand the impact on them and how we can improve our response.

"As always, we encourage anyone who has been the victim of rape, sexual assault, abuse or harassment to have the confidence to report it to us. We are here for you."


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