Dorset Police urging event goers to be safe this summer

28 July 2016
Every year, thousands of people attend the vast array of events and festivals which are held in Dorset. The Force is asking visitors to remember some simple tips, to ensure that nothing ruins their experiences.

Chief Inspector Chris Weeks, the Force lead for event planning, said: “It is always great to see people enjoying themselves at the fantastic events that Dorset has to offer. We just want to make sure that people are taking steps to keep themselves and their property safe.

“Dorset Police will be working with local partners to ensure events run smoothly and that additional resources are assigned where appropriate, but we need the help of the public to keep crime down during this busy period.”

Nationally, the most common crime occurring at festivals is theft from tents. Should event goers discover people looking through tents, they should not challenge them, but rather report it to event security, staff or police immediately. 

Chief Inspector Chris Weeks continues: “In terms of your belongings, our advice is simple: if you are staying in a tent, there is no way of securing it so only bring what you absolutely need.

“Inevitably, there will be some valuable items you will need to bring with you. Before going to sleep, place these valuables in a bag and hide it in your sleeping bag with you. 

“Keep cash and possessions on you, but not all together. Place money, bank cards and other valuables in different pockets.

“Mark your property, including your tent, with your house number and postcode. Thieves are looking for property which is unidentifiable, so obvious and indelible markings will deter them. You can also register valuable property such as mobile phones or cameras for free at”

The Force is also encouraging people not to leave valuables in their cars when attending events, or when enjoying the Dorset landscape over the summer. 

The offence of theft from unattended motor vehicles usually peaks during the summer months, as more people leave their cars while they enjoy local beauty spots and beaches. 

Detective Inspector Andy Dilworth, of the Priority Crime Team, said: “Dorset Police has been working closely with partners and the public to target prolific offenders and raise awareness around vehicle crime, but unfortunately criminals still operate in the county.

“Vehicle crime occurs in both urban areas, where there are a large number of cars and hence plenty of opportunity, and in beauty spots where people may leave their vehicles unattended for long periods of time with few other people around. 

“Offenders are likely to target vehicles where desirable items are clearly visible from outside the car, so our advice is simple: remove it, lock it!

“Do not leave any valuables in your car and display a sign to this effect, which will help deter criminals. You can also display a sign informing passers-by that your car is alarmed. This material can be downloaded from the Dorset Police website.”

Chief Inspector Weeks concluded: “All in all, we just want to make sure that everyone who is living in or visiting Dorset this summer takes only good memories away with them.  

“Following our straightforward advice will help people to avoid being victims of crime and help us to keep the county safe.”

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