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Special Constables lend their support to the summer policing response

14 July 2020

As hairdressers, restaurants and pubs reopened their doors, more than 40 Special Constables gave up their free time to help police the easing of lockdown across Dorset.

Special Constabulary officers joined regular officers on the frontline to ensure residents and visitors remained safe as they enjoyed new freedoms across the weekend of Saturday 4 July and Sunday 5 July 2020.

Specials across the Force area worked more than 300 hours, including conducting high-visibility patrols and assisting the roads policing unit as it dealt with an increase in visitors travelling to the area.

Deputy Chief Officer Andy Turtle paid tribute to the officers’ “resilience and professionalism” during the pandemic as they sacrificed leisure time to keep the public safe.

He said: “I want to pass on my thanks to each Special Constable who gave up their weekend with their own families and friends to help ensure the safety of local communities and visitors to Dorset.

“Reopening of the tourism and hospitality industry combined with an influx of visitors, meant their support to our teams was invaluable.”

Dorset’s 126 Special Constables have been out in force across our communities during lockdown, giving support to regular officers and playing their part in making communities safe and secure.

Between the start of lockdown on 23 March and the end of June this year, Dorset specials worked 10,020 hours – an increase of 42 per cent from the same period a year earlier.

Recent force figures showed that last weekend, Friday 3 May to Sunday 5 July, they completed more than 40 duties, assisting with arrests, safeguarding, search warrants, licensing, missing persons and anti-social behaviour.

Deputy Chief Officer Turtle continued: “With anticipated increased demand on our services this summer, we really do appreciate the number of Special Constables who have volunteered to work during July and August.

“I would also like to thank the employers, whose flexibility and understanding helps make this important contribution possible.” If you are interested in a role as a Special Constable.

Please visit our recruitment site for further information. https://www.dorset.police.uk/specials

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