Our Officers and Staff

Dorset Police is committed to working to make our county an even safer and better place to live and our officers and staff are the backbone behind this.

Our police family is much more than just police officers, there are hundreds of other roles which support policing and are just as vital in keeping our communities safe. And then there are all of the dedicated volunteers and special constables that support us too!

As government budget cuts continue to affect funding for police forces across the UK, our officers and staff are working harder than ever and our specials and volunteers are becoming increasingly beneficial, in order for us to continue to provide an effective level of policing that the communities of Dorset deserve.

Today there is more to our officers, staff and volunteers than you might think...

Our Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s) are the face of local Dorset policing. Patrolling by foot or bicycle, they fulfil a number of important roles and are the accessible point of contact for communities, local business and partner agencies.

But what’s the difference between police officers and PCSOs? Find out more here

Police Officers
To put it simply; police officers maintain law and order, protect members of the public and their property and prevent, detect and investigate crime.

However, there is nothing simple about a police officer’s job. Find out more here

Police Staff
Our officers and PCSOs tend to be seen as the faces of Dorset Police but there is no forgetting about all of the hard work, skill and expertise that goes on behind the scenes to support policing in Dorset. Find out more here >

Special Constables
Special Constables are volunteer police officers. Did you know they have the same powers as regular police officers, wear the same uniform and are issued with the same equipment? Find out more here >

Hundreds of dedicated Dorset Police volunteers give up their free time every year to support the local community. There are over 20 different volunteering roles that assist policing in Dorset. Find out more here >

The Dorset Police team:
There are currently:

1263 Police Officers
1070 Police Staff
155 Police Community Support Officers
249 Special Constables
188 volunteers

See what our officers and staff deal with on a typical day in Dorset:

Policing the demand

Dorset Police - Demand on policing in Dorset on a typical day infograpic

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