Mobile policing is on its way!

Smartphones and tablets are to become the latest technology to be introduced on the frontline of Dorset Police. The Force is in the process of rolling out a number of smartphone and tablet systems to officers, helping them perform a range of tasks quicker, more efficiently and more effectively. Find out what these new systems can do and how they can benefit our policing and your local community.

The tablets being introduced are laptop hybrids, and can be used as a mobile station for police officers, in their vehicles or near a secure Wi-Fi connection. They allow officers to do the same work that previously could only be done on a police computer back at the police station. This includes heavy data entry tasks such as producing intelligence forms. The tablets are also fully integrated with police software and systems meaning an officer or staff member can transition back and forth between tablet and computers smoothly.

Where the tablets are mobile but limited to the police vehicle, the smartphones being rolled out can be used on-the-go by Officers. They have a vast array of functions, allowing officers to take electronic witness statements and perform instant address and vehicle searches all at the same time as having live updates on current tasks. This functionality is included within a specifically tailored application, allowing seamless usage.

Key benefits of mobile policing

The mobile initiative will drive specific benefits for Dorset policing and communities:

• There will be less need for officers to be in stations to enter/retrieve information, increasing their time in communities.
• Direct entry of information from officers eliminates the need to double key data, increasing efficiency and allowing cost savings
• Officers will be able to have direct access to critical information, in real time, allowing better decision making and therefore keeping both the public and officers safer.

In summary the new technology is about making policing more flexible and therefore effective, whilst also improving the quality of policing. Using smarter technologies is both cost effective to the force and will allow officers to remain out on patrol and helping members of the public for longer.

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