August – Modernising to improve policing

During August concentrated on two main areas, 'Making the most of our people' and 'How technology is changing the way we police'

Making the most of our people

Did you know that Dorset Police currently employ just under 3,000 people? These are not just Police Officers, but Police Staff as well, all of whom work together to keep our communities safe. Click on the link below to find out more:

We also shared other events in August on social media such as:


How technology is changing the way we police

Technology is a very important part of the way in which we police Dorset. Ensuring the Force has the latest technology gives us greater efficiency and allows us to concentrate our resources in areas that are more important to the general public.

This month, we looked at how we used to police, as well as the technology we are currently rolling out and just how this is going to allow us to better police Dorset. Why not check out our various features below:

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