Overview of the monthly themes


August – Modernising to improve policing

In August, we concentrated on the different kinds of policing roles and how technology is used by the Force.  Did you know Dorset Police is currently rolling out our largest ever modernisation project to benefit the people of Dorset?


September – Preventative and proactive policing

Dorset Police seeks to deter criminal activity through investigations and crime prevention campaigns. This month allowed you to understand further some of the proactive work we do, including tackling organised crime gangs (OCGs), the work of the No Excuse team to prevent dangerous driving, and how we manage offenders.


October – Protecting you from Risk and Harm

October focused on the work of Protecting Vulnerable People team. Dorset Police has specially trained and dedicated staff who protect the most vulnerable residents and communities, providing a vital service that is often unseen by the general public.


November – Local policing in your area

These are the areas of policing that are most well-known and associated with what we do. Responding to emergencies, our Neighbourhood Policing approach and how the public contact us was the focus of November.  Do you know how you should report different types of crime and what will happen when you do?


December – Working smarter and closer with others

Did you know Dorset Police has three established police consultation groups; the Dorset Race Equality Council, Access Dorset and The Intercom Trust, or that we have a Young People’s Consultation Group? Or are you involved in a HomeWatch scheme or Residents Association? We looked at how we work with other organisations in Dorset, and our plans to work more closely with Devon & Cornwall Police.


January – Data crunching

In January, we analysed the data we received from your views on each of the monthly themes.


February – Making your views matter

In this final month, we asked for your thoughts on how we should prioritise between your most important views shared each month, and explained how your views will help shape our plans for the future!

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