Policies T - Z

Transferees Recruitment and re-joiners policy
The aim of this procedure is to set out the eligibility criteria and provide guidance on the recruitment process for selecting and integrating police officers into Dorset Police from other forces and officers who have resigned from a police force and are seeking to return after a break in service.
Vetting Policy
The aim of this vetting policy is to ensure that all members of Dorset Police are aware of the structured process for the vetting of police officers, police staff, special constables, community support officers, contractors, volunteers and members of other agencies and partnerships working with the Force.
Victim Personal Statement Procedure
To provide a procedure for the taking of Victim Personal Statements (VPS) and the use of the information contained within the VPS by the Criminal Justice Division and other criminal justice agencies.
Visual Display Screen (VDU) Policy and Procedure
To introduce practical measures to reduce the risk to staff from suffering from potential work related upper limb disorders and suffering work related sickness etc associated with the use of visual display screen equipment.
Watch Scheme Policy
Dorset Police is committed to supporting Watch schemes at all levels. This document lays out agreed procedures, which will create clear standards of delivery, and ensure that all recognised Watch schemes in Dorset receive a minimum and consistent standard of support.
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