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People, Confidence and Equality Strategy
This Strategy has been developed to ensure that Dorset Police strengthens and delivers on the commitment we have made to achieving equality. Our vision to Make Dorset Safer and Make Dorset Feel Safer is a promise we have made to every person in Dorset.
Police Officer Ill Health
The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure that the police service only retires officers on medical grounds where it is appropriate and does not lose the skills and experience of officers who are still able to make a valuable contribution. It also reaffirms the need for consistency and fairness in the process, clarity about the criteria for medical retirement and where individual responsibilities lie.
Police Staff Recruitment & Selection Policy and Procedure
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to managers in relation to a successful recruitment and selection process.
Politically Restricted Posts Policy and Procedure
The aim of this document is to outline the legislation in relation to the political restriction of posts and to determine which posts the Political restriction applies to. Where the nature of the restriction has a right of appeal against that restriction to outline the process for that appeal.
Private Medical Intervention
The aim of this procedure is the provision of a scheme which enables Dorset Police to identify opportunities whereby access to medical investigation(s) and treatment(s) may enhance the following three outcomes; early return to work – reducing time off sick, reduction in ill health retirement and improved management of resources
Protected Learning Time Policy Combined Policy and Procedure
The aim of this policy is to outline the meaning and purpose of “Protected Learning Time” (PLT) and give guidance to staff on the appropriate amounts of duty time that will be allocated to them whilst undertaking learning using methods other than traditional classroom based delivery.
Provision of References Policy and Procedure
The purpose of this policy is to provide clear guidance and procedures to the Force in relation to the provision of Employment and Financial references (work related) and character references (non-work related).
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