Policies G - L

Gifts, Hospitality and Benefits Procedure
It is quite common for Dorset Police staff to be offered gifts or hospitality in the course of their duties, or benefits as a consequence of them being an employee of a large organisation. The purpose of this procedure is to encourage officers and police staff to properly consider such offers and, if accepted, record them on a gift and hospitality register.
Health and Safety Policy
The Aim of this policy is to set a clear health and safety direction for the organisation to follow and contains the general intentions and objectives of the organisation. It’s vision as to how health and safety is to be implemented into the organisation. It puts into place arrangements to enable Dorset Police to take all reasonable actions to ensure an ongoing safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and to other persons who could be affected by Dorset Police’s undertaking with regard for their health, safety and well being.
Internet Access and e-mail Use Procedure
The aim of this procedure is to set out the rules and conditions regulating the use of Internet E-mail and Internet browsing access from computer terminals connected to the Force Wide Network.
Keep Fit Equipment Usage Procedure
To regulate the installation and maintenance of keep-fit equipment on Dorset Police premises and its use by employees and outside agencies.
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