Policies E - F

Emergency Response Driving Policy
This policy aims to provide clear and unambiguous directions for police drivers on the appropriate driving response to any incident, and to ensure that Dorset Police meets its Health & Safety obligations to its employees and the public.
Environmental Policy
The purpose of this policy is to outline the position of Dorset Police with regard to its legal and social responsibility to the Environment. This will form the basis from which the environmental strategy will be developed, implemented and monitored.
Fire Bomb Arson Safety Policy and Procedure
Damage attributable to fire alone is estimated to cost the country £5 billion per year. An outbreak of fire in a Dorset Police building could have serious operational consequences for the Force with regard to its ability to maintain business continuity.
First Aid at Work Policy
Police officers have a duty to preserve life. Incumbent in that duty is to preserve life through the ability to undertake relevant first aid in the course of their duty away from Dorset Police Authority premises with the purpose of preserving life until more able medical assistance can be sought. The Force is obliged under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 to have in place adequate arrangements for dealing with accidents that take place on Dorset Police Authority premises which require first aid treatment. First aid is the provision of treatment to preserve life and minimise the consequences of injury until expert medical assistance is available. The aim of this document is to communicate to Dorset Police personnel and others how this duty is to be implemented.
Fitness for Misconduct Policy & Procedure - Police Officer
The aim of this procedure is to ensure that officers facing misconduct proceedings and/or hearings do not have their case either unnecessarily postponed or alternatively conducted in such a manner as is detrimental to an individuals’ current health condition.
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