Policies A - C

Alcohol Misuse Testing and Welfare Support Policy & Procedure
The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure our workforce is free from the risk of alcohol misuse, as any person who misuses alcohol is at risk of harm. This risk also extends to family and friends, work colleagues and the wider general public who we come into contact with. The misuse of alcohol can also lead to reduced efficiency, increased risk of accidents, higher sickness absence and potential misconduct.
Anti-Social Behaviour Policy and Procedure
These aims are supported by guidance provided within the Dorset Police ASB procedure and the Multi Agency ASB Policy for High Risk Victims.
Child Protection and Abuse Investigation Policy
Children within Dorset should be able to grow in circumstances where they feel safe and supported, so they can have the best opportunities throughout childhood, teenage years and into adulthood.
Clinical Waste and Infection Control Policy
To put into place pragmatic working arrangements for the safe management of clinical waste, dealing with bodily fluids, the cleaning of potentially/contaminated surfaces and areas subjected to parasitic infestations as they arise as a consequence of Dorset Police’s work activities.
Community Safety Accreditation Scheme
Dorset Police is committed to supporting the Community Safety Accreditation Schemes (CSAS) introduced by the Police Reform Act 2002. Accredited Persons (APs) perform a visible community safety role, complimenting partnership approaches to reducing low level crime and anti social behaviour. This policy explains the accreditation and re-accreditation processes required for public and private sector organisations. Any relevant employer operating within the Dorset Police area can apply for accreditation under this scheme.
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