A message from the Chief Constable

"Communities in Dorset need and deserve excellent policing and the highest quality of service and, despite our continued success in reducing crime and securing public confidence in the Force, we are constantly striving to improve. One of the ways in which we do this is by having a number of schemes that enable members of the Force to make suggestions that will lead to service improvements or that will save money or cut red tape. These schemes are very successful and at any one time we are investigating about 200 suggestions from staff. We now want to provide a better opportunity for the public to give us their suggestions for ways in which we can provide an even better policing service and, because internet access is readily available to very many people across our Force area, we believe that this ‘Feedback’ facility is a quick and easy way for people to make suggestions that will help us to make Dorset even safer. So, whether you have received our service directly through contact with the Force or indirectly as a result of benefiting from the high levels of safety and security in Dorset it matters not. We believe that you are in an excellent position to provide your views, comments and ideas on how we can improve even further the service that Dorset Police provides, including how we could work more effectively with other organisations or make even better use of our resources. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we will consider all your comments carefully to see if your suggestion(s) could be adopted. Anything that you say to us will be kept strictly confidential. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to access this facility and we look forward to receiving your suggestion."

Chief Constable Debbie Simpson

There are a number of ways to provide your feedback


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Consultation and Surveys - Register to Opt Out of Telephone Surveys

Dorset Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset are required to conduct surveys to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of our services.  An external company conducts these surveys on our behalf and they are contracted and suitably vetted to use contact details of people who have been in communication with us, in order for them to conduct the survey.

If you would like to opt out of these telephone surveys in advance, then please complete our online registration form by following this link

Chief Constable Debbie Simpson
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