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Code of Ethics

Dorset Police adopted the national Code of Ethics in April 2014.

The Code formalised the principles and standards of professional behaviour for the policing profession in England and Wales.

Chief Constable Debbie Simpson said: “It is something all officers and staff are expected to sign up to and adhere to in their everyday work.

“The Code of Ethics is about self-awareness, ensuring that everyone in policing is empowered to always do the right thing and feel confident to challenge colleagues irrespective of their rank, role or position.

“It is important that the Force Values still exist and they are at the heart of the implementation of the code."

​​​​​​Watch the College of Policing's video below, where Police officers and staff talk about what the Code of Ethics means to them.

Dorset Police is committed to ensuring that the Code of Ethics is not simply another piece of paper, poster or laminate. The Code of Ethics is at the heart of every decision officers make, every day.

Evidence tells us that simply having a Code of Ethics is not enough to reduce unprofessional behaviour - it needs to be talked about as an everyday business consideration. We know that if you don't have the confidence to trust us to be fair, act ethically and in your best interests, you are less likely to assist us in upholding the law.

Standards Of Professional Behaviour

Find out more

To learn more about the Code of Ethics, visit the College of Police's website by clicking here.

Your Experience

Dorset Police is always seeking to improve the service we provide.

Let us know what your expectations of our officers are here.

Letters of Appreciation

Dorset Police regularly receives letters of appreciation from the public.

Nothing gives the Force greater pride than examples of the Code of Ethics in practice!

A member of the public recently wrote to the Chief Constable thanking PCSO’s Dan White and Matt Barton and Enquiry Officer Sally Weaver for all their assistance following a second attempt to gain access to a rental property in Dorchester.

The writer was in the residence at the time and stated: “Reporting this to your command centre, the lovely lady was absolutely wonderful, reassuring and helpful and I felt calmer after talking with her. She said help would arrive asap, although possibly not until after the Bank Holiday, so I purchased some hasp locks and went home.

“I’m delighted to say that the two PCSOs called on me about two minutes after I got home and they not only looked at everything, they gave me pointers and general advice on safety measures. They then very kindly fixed my hasp locks where they thought best which I felt was beyond their call of duty. They were wonderful.

“It was fabulous to be have been treated with courtesy, respect and consideration by the three people I had contact with from your team.”