Facts about the Force


Dorset Police covers approximately 1024 Square miles of land and a similar body of water off the coastline. Dorset is one of a very few to not have a motorway to patrol, but does have three very busy main roads and over 3332 miles of roads to police.

Annually Dorset Police provides a policing coverage for around 0.8 million residents, which increases during term time with students from the universities and colleges. A further 11 million people visitors come to Dorset each year for short breaks or holidays.

The County despite being classed as 93.7% rural includes an airport, and sea ports, serving internal, and international freight and passenger travel.



  • Dorset County Constabulary was formed in 1855.
  • On 1 October 1967 it merged with Bournemouth Borough Police to form Dorset and Bournemouth Constabulary.
  • On 1 April 1974 this force took over some areas (mainly Christchurch and its surrounding areas) from Hampshire Constabulary and acquired its present name.



Dorset Police employs over 2,600 people:

  • 1301 Police Constables
  • 140 Police Community Support Officers
  • 209 Special Constables
  • 950 Police Staff and Volunteers
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