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Facts about the Force

The county of Dorset

Dorset Police covers approximately 1,024 square miles of land and a similar body of water off the coastline. Whilst the policing area does not include a motorway, there are three very busy main roads and over 3,332 miles of roads to police.

Annually, Dorset Police provides a policing coverage for around 800,000 residents, which increases during term time with students from the universities and colleges.

Over 25 million people take day trips in Dorset to visit the beaches and beauty spots. Four million visitors stay overnight for short breaks or holidays.

The county despite being classed as 93.7 per cent rural, includes an airport, and sea ports serving internal and international freight, and passenger travel.



  • Dorset County Constabulary was formed in 1855.
  • On 1 October 1967 it merged with Bournemouth Borough Police to form Dorset and Bournemouth Constabulary.
  • On 1 April 1974 this force took over some sections (mainly Christchurch and its surrounding areas) from Hampshire Constabulary and acquired its present name.



We currently employ:

  • 1,216 police officers
  • 1,374 police staff - including 121 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) safer schools and communities officers, neighbourhood engagement officers and Police Community Support Investigators (PCSIs)
  • 129 Special Constables
  • 141 volunteers (excluding Community Speed Watch volunteers)
  • 600 Community Speed Watch volunteers