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Stop & Search Feedback

Stop & Search Feedback Form

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What we do with the information we collect from the form

Question: What are the reason for collecting this information?

Answer: To enable Dorset Police to assess any feedback received in order to address any issues raised and to enable learning and development not only for the Officer conducting the search but for the organisation if necessary.

Question: Where is the information stored once it has been emailed?

Answer: Until now Dorset Police have not been in receipt of feedback in relation to Stop search even though it is well publicised through the various Dorset Police Website Stop Search Links.

After receiving the first feedback information last week, a file has now been created on the Secure Internal Dorset Police Computer System

Question: Who has access to this information?

Answer: The Stop & Search file is not restricted and access is not withheld, it is believed however, that as Stop & Search is a specialist field that only those working in the Department would have reason to access the information held.

Question: How long is the information held for?

Answer: Only as long as necessary for the feedback to be considered, evaluated by the independent scrutiny panel, as discussed within the response to the informant, and any amendments made.    

Question: If a person wants to have the emailed information deleted, or removed from any Force database, or devices it has been saved to which email address do they send this request to and how long will the process take.

Answer: email Stop & Search the email will be processed as quickly as workload and staffing allow.

Question: Will you be able to email them to let them know that you have deleted all the information from your systems?

Answer: yes