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Children & Young People

Our Vision, Our Promise, Our Priorities


Our Vision

To deliver professional policing services, working with partners, to and for children and young people in order to keep them safe from harm and where necessary prevent their offending or reoffending.


Our Promise

We will achieve our vision by: 

  • Engaging and listening to the voices of children and young people in shaping our services. 
  • Increasing confidence and satisfaction in the police service amongst children and young people. 
  • Reducing harm by focusing on crime and disorder in which children and young people are victims, witnesses or offenders. 
  • Reducing the unnecessary criminalisation of children and young people through the effective and appropriate application of interventions and restorative justice activities. 
  • Actively engaging with partners in providing a co-ordinated and comprehensive approach to delivering services for ALL children and young people. 
  • Working with Police & Crime Commissioners to ensure an appropriate focus on children and young people issues.


Our Priorities

To help us deliver this three priority areas have been identified:

  • Prevention, Enforcement and Justice 
  • Engagement and Early Intervention 
  • Sharing Information and Exploiting Technology


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