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Traffic Department

Welcome to the Dorset Police Traffic Department. Here you will find information about the unit/s, safety information in relation to roads and driving, and various links to useful sites.


Strategic Aim

"To secure an environment where the individual can use the roads in Dorset with confidence, free from death, injury or fear of crime."

The section will take a lead in road safety and road crime in accordance with the strategy.


Road Safety Management

The force will employ the principles of the National Road Policing Strategy and contribute to casualty reduction through Enforcement, Education and Engineering.


  • Reduce collisions.
  • Investigate road death, serious injury and complex collisions.

Governmental targets for 2010:

  • 40% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured in road collisions.
  • 50% reduction in the number of children killed or seriously injured in road collisions (0-15 years).
  • 10% reduction in the slight injury casualty rate.



  • Specifically, by targetting the activities of the Road Policing Unit and its officers on:
  • Hotspot and core offences such as speed and drink driving, and campaign approach to other offences.
  • Casualty hotspots – arterial routes – disqualified drivers.
  • Specialist enforcement of large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles by the commercial vehicle defect rectification scheme and Hazchem.
  • Professional investigation of serious and complex collisions.
  • Examination of vehicles involved in collisions to establish causation.



In addition to enforcement, target driving offenders by encouraging change in driver behaviour.

Furthermore, targeting vulnerable groups such as new drivers, young road users, motorcyclists, cyclists, elderly persons and pedestrians through a partnership approach involving motor organisations, Road Safety Officers, Dorset Safety Camera Partnership, motor insurers, cycling groups and "Streetwise".



An improved route to the engineering aspect, ensuring the best use of camera technology by intelligence and analysis targeting of casualty hotspots. Improving highway defect reporting