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Tactical Firearms Unit

National Weapons Surrender Scheme

Find out information about the National Weapons Surrender Scheme here.

The Tactical Firearms Unit responds to firearms incidents across the county and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The unit are based in Poole but patrols are carried out throughout the county in specialised Armed Response Vehicles.

We assist local colleagues and Safer Neighbourhood Teams in both armed and unarmed roles.

In addition, we take part in pro-active and educational campaigns such as the ‘imitations weapon surrender’ that was held in 2008.

Imitation weapons include BB guns (discharging plastic, wax or ball bearing ‘shots’), blank firing pistols, cap guns, collectibles, ‘air soft’ guns (which fire plastic ball bearings) and other items that resemble a gun.

Imitation weapons are so realistic they are often indistinguishable from a real weapon and can cause great fear and distress. The penalty for carrying an imitation weapon in public carries a maximum penalty of 12 months imprisonment. 

It is illegal to carry an imitation, or real weapon, in a public place and the surrender was an opportunity to hand in any imitation weapons without having to leave their details.

If you have an imitation weapon we strongly suggest you hand it in, by taking it to your local police station in a sealed and covered bag carried by an adult.