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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is concerned with all members of the Dorset Police – officers, police staff, special constables and volunteers – and their relationship within the police service. The Human Resources Department has a major role to play in assisting the Force to achieve the objectives it has set in its annual policing plan and to attain the values, aims and priorities highlighted in the Corporate Plan. In addition to direct action, the Human Resources Department also has a significant indirect impact through the support it provides to other functions.

Through its activities the department aims to recruit and retain appropriate numbers of skilled and committed staff, providing a platform from which they can effectively work towards the achievement of their specific objectives, thus ultimately ensuring the success of both the annual policing plan and the corporate plan.The department covers:

  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Employee Relations
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Education Training & Development
  • Organisational Development & Design
  • Pay Benefits & Other Conditions of Service
  • Employee Services
  • Communication & Consultation with Staff

Dorset Police is committed to achieving a truly representative workforce and welcomes applications from all sections of the community. Dorset Police Authority will take steps to ensure that employees are recruited, developed and promoted on the basis of ability, the requirements for the job, and the need to maintain an efficient and effective service. Recruitment is concentrated into three main areas: police officers, police staff, the special constabulary and volunteers.

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