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Benevolent Fund Payout

Those of you who were members of the Benevolent Fund should have received their pay-out in this month's pension. The amount should be £595 which is taxable.

It will be shown on your pension advice slip as a Gratuity.

The following has been received from Nick Wyer:

As many members of the Benevolent Fund will be aware, it was agreed at the EGM in November 2014, the AGM in February 2015 and ratified by way of a postal ballot of all members, to close The Dorset Police Benevolent Fund. As agreed at the AGM and the postal ballot, The Committee are in the process of redistributing the assets of the Fund to all adult beneficiaries and subscribing members of the Fund, and payments began in June and scheduled to be received by the end of July 2015. These payments will be made by way of normal pay roll and pension payments and the amount to be paid is £595. If you have any questions please contact Nick WYER and not CAPITA, as they are receiving a large number of calls from retired members. There remains a small balance in The Fund’s accounts to cover incidental costs. After much work, the Committee are very confident that all relevant members have been communicated with and the very few ambiguities received have now all been resolved I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those members who supported The Benevolent Fund during their service and into their retirement, and many thanks to those who took part in the decision making process to close The Fund. Mr N WYER (5103) Hon. Sec. Dorset Police Benevolent Fund. Ferndown Police Station 752 6063 / 07752 607 704. (Tue 28 Jul 15)


Police Treatment Centres

The following has been received from NARPO HQ inviting members to complete the survey:

The Strategy Planning Group of the NEC are doing some work around welfare support for retired officers and in an effort to obtain a picture of what is/has been happening in relation to the attendance of retired officers at Police Treatment Centres we have devised a short on line survey which I would be grateful if you would complete and forward to your membership.

The survey can be accessed at this link: http://probin.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ab7288a4f214631903fafb257&id=bb5bc53d79&e=e2e4904a28


Commutation Factors Update

At last the Government Actuary's Department has published a document for the Home Office to assist pension scheme administrators in calculating lump sum or pension payments to be made in respect of certain scheme members, following the decision of the Pension Ombudsman.

In cases where the additional payment is a lump sum only the size of that additional payment will depend on the date of retirement and the member's age.

Those affected:

  • Males who retired in receipt of a pension from the 1987 scheme between 1 December 2001 and 30 November 2006 and opted to commute part of their retirement pension for a lump sum.
  • Females who retired in receipt of a pension from the 1987 scheme between 1 December 2004 and 30 November 2006 and opted to commute part of their retirement pension for a lump sum.

To access the full 45 page document please visit the NARPO website at http://www.narpo.org/   - click on police pensions. (It is not an easy document to understand although I am sure that many out there will be smarter than me).

I assume that the next stage will be for the pension administrator, in our case Capita to start calculating the amounts in respect of each of those relevant members. They should then write to each member informing them of the amount that is due to them including interest.


Do you like looking at gardens?

If so, you are welcome to visit an "Open Garden" afternoon - from 1pm until 6pm on Saturday, 8 August, 2015 at 78, Kings Avenue, Christchurch BH23 1NB, the home of Malcolm and Jacqueline Mussell (tel  07967242550).

The entry fee is £4 - this includes a cup of tea or coffee, and there will be an opportunity to buy cakes and plants.

The bottom line? - all proceeds will be donated to the world famous Dorset Police Male Voice Choir. It is hoped that some of the more handsome choir members will be engaged in a mini sing-song at about 3pm.  You don't want to miss that!

All we need now is fine weather....... (Wed 15 Jul 15)


Illness of former member Ray Starks

We have received the following message from Philip Coward, Bournemouth Branch Welfare Officer -

"Recently, I heard that Bournemouth Branch member RAY STARKS, who lives in France, had been hospitalised in the Toulouse area of the country.

This morning I spoke on the telephone with Ray's wife Mollie and she informed me that Ray had a heart attack on 30 June 2015. He was taken to hospital, where he is still an in-patient, and his health is now improving.

If you are not already in contact with Mollie, but would like more information or updates regarding his health, would they please contact her VIA EMAIL ONLY".

Her email address is    mollie.starks@gmail.com (We 15 Jul 15)


Commutation Factors Update

The following circular has been received from Clint Elliott, the Chief Executive of NARPO giving an update on the current situation with regards the recent decision from the Pension Ombudsman:

Download Commutation Factors Update (12kb PDF) >  (Thu 25 Jun 15)


Do you remember Carole Miller (nee Boulton) ?

Does anyone remember Carole Miller (nee Boulton) who worked at Blandford Police Station in 1966,then at Poole Police Station, finishing in 1979?

She worked in the Process Department, then became a Uniform Aid at Poole P.S.

She would dearly love to hear from any of her old friends and workmates.

She lives at 'Whims', New Road, Broad Oak, Sturminster Newton, Dorset  DT10 2HF. You can write to her there, or you can pick up your phone and dial  01258 472401 - she will be over the moon to hear from you. (Mon 22 Jun 15)


Commutation Factors Update

The Home Office have provided Forces and Pension Administrators with the following set of Questions and Answers:

Determination in Milne v GAD – Q&A for Administrators

  1. How many people will this judgment affect?

The government recognises that there may be many individuals who are affected by the principles set out in this Determination. Firefighters’ and Police Pension Schemes will work to identify such affected individuals and ensure that appropriate payments are made.

  1. How much am I going to get?

Police Forces are identifying those retired members who are affected by this Determination. Using the revised commutation factors supplied by the Government Actuary’s Department, they will then be able to calculate how much each individual is owed. This will take time.

  1. What should people who think they may be affected do next?

The government recognises that there may be many individuals who are potentially affected by the principles set out in this Determination. Firefighters' and Police Pension schemes will work to identify such affected individuals and will contact them in due course.

  1. When will affected individuals be paid?

The government is committed to ensuring that eligible former firefighters and former police officers receive their entitlement, and are working with scheme administrators to begin work to identify eligible individuals and to calculate how much each person is owed. This will take time, with thousands of historic records to look through. Once this information is available, the Pension Schemes will put in place a process to make appropriate payments as quickly as possible. Members will receive updates through their former employers in due course.

  1. What if the affected individual has since passed away?

If someone is owed money and has since passed away, then the money will fall to be part of their estate and will be passed to their beneficiaries.

  1. How much interest will individuals be paid?

The payments to affected individuals will include interest, in recognition of the fact these payments have been delayed by as many as 14 years in some cases. The Pensions Ombudsman has directed interest to be paid at the base rate prevailing over the period between retirement and the date of payment of the additional sum, without compounding.

  1. I retired in 1999 or 2000. Why can’t I get reimbursed?

Only people who retired between 1 December 2001 and 30 November 2006 inclusive are affected, so there is no need to reimburse people who retired earlier/later.

  1. Will individuals be reimbursed through a higher lump sum payment or through higher monthly pension payments? Will they have a choice in this?

The government is still considering and will advise in due course.

  1. What if the schemes can’t find the relevant individual and get in touch with them?

Schemes will make a reasonable effort to find the affected individuals and to notify them of their eligibility for a further payment.

  1. How will payments take account of the various changes in tax and pensions rules since 2001?

The additional payments are a correction to what ought to have happened at the time of retirement, and so we will aim, so far as possible, to place affected retired members into the position they would have been in if the correct payment had been made in the first place.  (Wed 17 June 15)


Eric Noel

We have received the following email from Philip Noel, son of Eric, who you will no doubt remember has been hospitalized for some time due to having sustained a broken arm as result of a fall;

"I was bowled over by the number of emails I received wishing him a speedy recovery, and recounting personal moments and experiences shared with dad, all of these I printed off and are in a well thumbed folder by his bedside. The number of his former colleagues who found their way to his bedside in Poole hospital was amazing, my heartfelt thanks to you all, it was a real tonic for him. I think the majority of the 1960's Dorset Police either visited or emailed him, all that was missing was "Jack Warner" (evening all), and I am sure HE would have turned up had he still been around. Dad was booted out of hospital last Monday as he was medically fit, but due to the long healing process his mobility is not sufficient to allow him to return home for a few more weeks, so he currently resides at the Highfield Manor, 44, Branksome Wood Road, Poole, we expect him to be here for about 3 weeks when, hopefully, after extensive physio his arm will have healed sufficiently to allow us to dust off his zimmer frame and get him home. He is in fine form and the visiting hours are very relaxed there so please feel free should anyone wish to "pound the beat again" with him. I can be contacted on  07771 547700, should anyone require any further details. I will of course let you know when he is home again. Meanwhile thank you all again."

Phil's email address is: philip.n@live.co.uk 

(Mon 15 Jun 15)

UPDATED 2 July 2015: Phil Noel has updated us with the latest news regarding his dad, Eric.

Eric is now safely back in his home at Upton having spent seven weeks in hospital and a care home; he is still recovering  but living independently, albeit with a high level of initial home care.

His address is 2, St Annes Road, Upton  BH16 5PT, and his telephone number is  01202 622585. He would welcome visitors and telephone calls.

Phil has specifically asked that I convey his grateful thanks to so many NARPO members who helped and supported him through his ordeal.


Spouses Pension for Life

In support of our continuing campaign we have now put a draft letter on our website for members to use to write to their MP. I would be grateful if you could circulate as widely as possible.

For the  full details, please see our website at: http://probin.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ab7288a4f214631903fafb257&id=cd4184d7b1&e=e2e4904a28  . (Thu 11 Jun 15)


Dorset NARPO Circulation - Pension Ombudsman's Decision

Pension Ombudsman - A decision

The following is the decision from the Pension Ombudsman in relation to the claim made by a firefighter in respect of his commutation assessment.

COMMUTATION FACTOR DISPUTE - LATEST NEWS -  Final decision published: 15 May 2015

We have published the final decision on the complaint made by Mr Milne against the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) about the factor used to convert his pension into a lump sum at retirement and whether the factors should have been reviewed earlier than they were.  Tony King, the Pensions Ombudsman, has decided in Mr Milne’s favour.  The Pensions Ombudsman decided that the factors should have been reviewed between 1998 and 2005, when Mr Milne retired.  He has directed GAD to assess what the factor would have been in 2005 if reviews had taken place and to notify the administrator of the relevant part of the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme so that they can recalculate the cash sum.  He also directed GAD to pay interest on any additional cash sum, from Mr Milne’s retirement date.

GAD have issued a technical note regarding the decision which includes the following:

The Ombudsman notes that, whilst his findings in the Determination are limited to Mr Milne’s complaint, the principles are the same for other retired firefighters and police officers. To avoid further cases having to be heard, he expects government to make arrangements for payments to be made to others affected, reflecting the more beneficial terms that would have applied had commutation factors been reviewed and, where appropriate, revised at the appropriate times. GAD has prepared tables for use in the calculation of redress, based on a best reconstruction of the commutation factors which would have applied if factors had been reviewed and revised at 1 December 2001 and at 1 December 2004. The mortality and related assumptions used in the development of these tables have been reviewed by an independent firm of consulting actuaries who have confirmed that the assumptions fall within the range that GAD might reasonably have chosen if it had prepared revised commutation factors at these dates. These tables will be passed to the relevant government bodies.

It looks like new factors will apply for those leaving after 1st December 2001 and then new ones for those retiring after 1st December 2004.

There is a 41 page judgement on this issue and members are encouraged to visit the NARPO site at http://www.narpo.org/ for more detailed information. Alternatively please visit the Government Actuary’s Department website.

What does this all mean? It looks like those officers who retired after 1 December 2001 are likely to have their commutation figures reviewed and similarly those that retired after 1st December 2004. What amounts are involved and what the timescales for any final resolution are, I do not know.

It would appear that there is no need at this time for individuals to submit their claim and that Forces will be expected to comply with the ombudsman’s decision.


Norman Robertson

Branch Secretary (Mon 18 May 15)


The following informaton has been received from the Deputy Chief Executive at NARPO HQ to try and clarify some of the points relating to the recent decision from the Pensions Ombudsman:

I thought I would just clear up a couple of points in relation to Fridays determination by the Pension Ombudsman – based on the hundreds of emails I have had this morning!!

  • Those retiring before 1st December 2001 will not be receiving any payments as the Ombudsman has decided that the factors introduced in 1998 were sufficient.
  • Those retiring after 1st December 2006 will not be receiving any payments as the factors were revised as from 1st December 2006 [as a result of a successful legal case by the police Federation]
  • Those retiring between 1st December 2001 and 30th November 2004 will be receiving payments [if applicable] based on the new revised factors provided as of 1st December 2001.
  • Those retiring between 1st December 2004 and 30th November 2006 will be receiving payments [if applicable] based on the revised figures provided as of 1st December 2004.


As yet we have not had sight of the new factors produced by the Government Actuary Department (GAD) so we are unable to indicate what this means in real terms to those so affected.

We will bring pressure to bear if required on the Home Office and Forces to bring a swift conclusion to this matter with the minimum of fuss for our members and at this stage we are hopeful that the payments will be automatic without the need for individual complaints.

Hope this helps answer any queries you may have. (Thu 21 May 15)


Benevolent Fund Update

The following has been received from Nick Wyer:

As members of the Fund will be aware the closure of the Fund was agreed and steps were then made to redistribute the Funds assets to subscribing members and adult beneficiaries of the Fund. These steps are in hand however there has been an issue identified with the payments of the redistributable assets, in that some IT software has to be put in place prior to any payments. This will inevitably delay payments. The issue is being looked at, but it is out of the hands of the DPBF Committee. I will make a further announcement as soon as I have a clear indication of any timescale as to when any redistribution  of the assets is achievable.

In the mean time I would ask for some patience Nick Wyer Hon. Sec DPBF. (Wed 5 May 15)


Commutation Factors Update

The Ombudsman has released an update indicating that the determination will be made public in MAY.

Follow the link below for latest: http://probin.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ab7288a4f214631903fafb257&id=31a1db2249&e=e2e4904a28 (Wed 5 May 15)


Discount on Fred Olsen cruises

The following email has been received from NARPO HQ:

We are pleased to announce that we have obtained an agreement with FRED OLSEN CRUISES to offer our members, friends and family a 10% discount on ALL Fred Olsen Cruises, even those already reduced – bookings must be made direct with Fred Olsen.

Please note the Discount Code to quote on booking is NARPO10 HAPPY CRUISING! (Tue 7 Apr 15)


Benevolent Fund Update

As you may recall at the AGM of the Dorset Police Benevolent Fund it was agreed that the Fund should close, it was further agreed that a full vote of all subscribing members, serving and retired, would take place.

The vote closed at 0900 hrs on Thursday 26 March, the full details of the results are in the attached document (details below)  It was reassuring to achieve such a high return of votes, and a very clear mandate as to the Committee’s next steps.

The Committee will now proceed realising the assets and ensure all liabilities of the Fund are settled in Full before distributing the remaining assets of the Fund. It is envisaged this will take some weeks as a final auditors report will be required  as well as ensuring all outstanding liabilities have been paid and cleared.

Any retired Officer who was a subscribing member of the Dorset Police Benevolent Fund at the time of the 2015 AGM will be entitled to an equal share of the assets. If you were a subscribing member you will have noticed a £2.50 deduction on your pension advice notice.  It is hoped that this will be paid via your monthly Capita Pension payment as soon as possible.


The total number of eligible votes was 850. This was broken down as follows: -

631 postal votes sent to retired subscribing members and

219 internal email votes to serving subscribing members.

The voting period was open from Thursday 12 February for email votes and Friday 20 February for postal votes.

The date given for last eligible date to vote was Friday 20 March, but votes were accepted until Thursday 26 March due to lack of postal facilities at Ferndown.

As at 0900hrs on Thursday 26 March a total of 539 votes had been received and counted.

  • A total number of 387 postal votes had been received, of these 359 voted for option one and 28 voted for option two.
  • A total number of 152 email votes had been received, of these 145 voted for option one and 7 voted for option two.
  • A total number of 15 ballot envelopes were returned as “addressee gone away”.


The result of the ballot is therefore: -

  • 504 votes for option one.
  • 35 votes for option two.


Nick Wyer.

Hon. Sec.

Dorset Police Benevolent Fund. (Mon 30 Mar 15)


Widow's Pension

The following email has been received from NARPO HQ relating to Widows Pensions and the Later Life Ambitions pledge.

Please see latest Press Release regarding yesterday’s announcement in the Budget at: http://probin.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ab7288a4f214631903fafb257&id=e05c0503c6&e=e2e4904a28

NARPO note with interest the Chancellors statement in yesterday’s Budget that: “The government will ensure that all widows, widowers and civil partners of police officers and firefighters who are killed on duty will no longer lose their survivor benefits if they remarry, cohabit, or form a civil partnership.”

Commenting on the announcement NARPO President Ian Potter said:

“Whilst NARPO are supportive of this announcement it does not address the real issue of all the other police widows who are faced with the demeaning and daunting choice of either living alone or forfeiting their pension to enjoy companionship and happiness in later life.

Whilst this move is welcomed, it comes nowhere near to putting police widows in the rest of the United Kingdom on the same footing as those police widows of deceased Northern Ireland police officers, who now retain and have had their widows pension reinstated as a result of a change made by the Northern Ireland Assembly last year.

All we are asking for is parity across the board for all police widows throughout the United Kingdom. I urge Government to take a closer look at this matter and eradicate this glaringly obvious inequality and unfairness as soon as possible.”

This information can also be accessed on the NARPO website at http://www.narpo.org/

I would also encourage members to sign the Later Life Ambitions pledge, currently there are only 741 names on the pledge please sign it at:

http://probin.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ab7288a4f214631903fafb257&id=581a890d49&e=e2e4904a28 (Mon 23 Mar 15)


Hotpoint Privilege Purchase Scheme

NARPO are pleased to announce a new partnership with HOTPOINT offering discounts of up to 30% on all Hotpoint and Indesit products – see our website at:

http://probin.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ab7288a4f214631903fafb257&id=06cfb3e9eb&e=e2e4904a28  for more information and how to access the discounts.

The offer includes:

Discounted appliances, and small kitchen appliances (Kettles, Toasters, etc) Free Nationwide delivery (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Appliances come with one year full parts and labour warranty. Also included in the price is free uplift / disposal of the old appliance. Optional extras include connection for all types of appliances including Gas There is no cost at all for use of the portal Savings “of up to” 30%



Why not join your colleagues and take part in one of our organised walks? The following photographs are from a recent walk to Elderton Clump.

The walk commenced at Bere Regis with 25 eager participants, lasted about 2 1/2 hours and finished with lunch at the Drax Arms, Bere Regis.

We would welcome anyone who is interested in  joining us on future walks, we are a friendly bunch and it is not a race.