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National Association of Retired Police Officers

NARPO is a rank free association of retired police officers dedicated to improving benefits for all members.

Services and benefits offered include:

  • low annual fees usually deducted from your pensions on a monthly basis. 
  • each quarter receive into your home a glossy magazine written by members and for members, containing valuable improvements in all benefits relating to retired people.
  • campaining to maintain police pensions and looking for improvements in all benefits relating to retired people
  • join and you can recover your membership fee many times over by taking up some of the member services offered.
  • special deals on all insurances for home, car, health etc, from our own insurance brokers who are continually looking to offer the very best quality insurances at the most competitive rates.
  • our own travel organisation, NEWFORGE TRAVEL, which brings not only special offers to our members but offers year round discounts on every type of holiday.
  • membership of a local branch which arranges regular meetings and other activities to ensure you keep in touch with friends and colleagues from your service days.
  • extra help and assistance to individual members facing problems arising out of their services or their pensions.


Only members benefit

The many benefits listed constitute only a very small part of the many NARPO activities.

  • NARPO offer a service for all their members who are actively looking for work or, who are looking for a change of work.
  • NARPO offer a range of goods and supplies at attractive rates.
  • NARPO are founder members of the Public Service Pensioners Council which represents the views of well over 1 million pensioners in the public sector. Through this body they have access to representation to many government departments.
  • NARPO continue to liase, both formally and informally with the Police Staff Associations and through them make their voice heard on the Police Negotiating Board in respect of pension matters.




Dorset Branch

Chairman: Mick Wallis
Telephone: 01202 732840
Secretary : Norman Robertson
Telephone: 01202 603601

Bournemouth Branch

Chairman: Derrick Porter
Telephone: 01202 574060
Secretary: Mrs Jill Talbot
Telephone: 01202 397406
Treasurer: Miss Heather Batchelor
Telephone: 01202 523400