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Estate Management

The purpose of Estates & Building Services Department is to ensure the functions and services are effectively provided and developed in an efficient and strategic manner to support the force within prevailing policies and budgetary provision.


Core Functions

  • Support and develop the Force Estates Strategy.
  • Maintain a complete and accurate record of force property holdings and associated legal documentation.
  • Manage and control procedures for property holding related income and expenditure.
  • Manage and control allocation of force housing stock.
  • Manage capital and revenue building projects.
  • Manage and maintain condition of buildings and associated facilities.
    Formulate and develop a strategic energy management plan.
  • Undertake force liaison role for selected corporate contracts.



our key customers are wide ranging, depending upon the service concerned, and vary from the Police Authority and Chief Officers to divisions and departments for strategic, operational and administrative support matters.



The Estates & Building Services Department consists of three areas of service provision:

  • Strategic/Department - project management and core support tasks - Head of Estates, Capital Projects Manager, PFI Contracts Manager and Administrative Manager.
  • Energy Management - Part-time Clerical Assistant
  • Building Services - Building Services Manager, Mechanical and Electrical Officer, two Surveyors and an Administrative Assistant.

Resourcing at the strategic/department/project management level of the department is strongly influenced by involvement in any current major and minor capital building schemes that create critical priority work over prolonged periods of time to achieve force objectives. Inevitably the presence of such projects has and will result in high workloads that require continuous assessment of priorities and restrict progress in some other areas.

In respect of repairs and maintenance of the estate, annual surveys take place to identify and prioritise needs over the following five-year period to ensure buildings can fully support operational services but actual work undertaken can be strongly influenced by budgetary allocation. Environmental context - in order to fulfill the purpose as a central service provider, the Estates & Building Services Department seeks not only to positively plan and programme to achieve core functions but to also have the ability to respond to reactive operational demands subject to policy and financial restraints.In respect of major and minor capital building schemes, recognition of the strategic implications in the longer term is essential for both operational and budgetary reasons and procedures must identify and translate the former into the policing plan. Estate matters are often restricted by financial, legal, town planning and programme restraints with the result that immediate operational demands are inhibited by those influences; a factor that emphasises the importance of forward planning and identification of changing needs.

Quality of Service - Building Services undertakes annual surveys and monitors the contractor service provision delivered through annual customer satisfaction surveys. Performance indicators have been developed to enable anlaysis of the service level provided by the department.Performance indicators will be developed in connection with accommodation and energy related matters. The benchmarks introduced by the Audit Commission in the 'Action Stations' Report and now managed by the National Property Managers' Group will be used for this purpose.Corporate contract providers will be required to provide performance indicators to support their agreements with the force.

Corporate Plan Priorities - The provision of adequate flexible and suitably located accommodation with appropriate services and facilities management to support operational policing through changing needs forms the main basis of the core purpose for the department.The department seeks to meet the purpose and core functions for its customers through efficient and best value methods of resourcing, procurement and service provision.The department has more specific roles in supporting the force in the objectives of tackling criminality, reassurance and modernisation within the context of the corporate plan.