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Corporate Development

The Corporate Development Department leads on corporate planning and continuous improvement with emphasis on an increased people focus to service delivery. These dynamic processes engage all divisions and departments to ensure the organisation is best able to ensure communities are listened to, understood, informed, protected and kept safe. The operational emphasis on customer and community equally applies to staff and Sections within the department and it is the aim to ensure that all staff feel professional , motivated, supported, respected and valued."

Within the overall Force Vision - Committed to a Safer Dorset For You, we aim to "Plan the experience to meet your expectations"

The department is responsible for a wide portfolio of work as follows:



We have a three year strategic plan that sets the longer term aim, an annual plan and local plans for each of the divisions and departments. These follow strategic and tactical assessments that reflect local and national expectations and set out what we are going to do, when and how we are going to do it. The plans then link to the individual staff plans for activity.



We conduct a wide range of surveys by post, telephone and through meetings.

These inform our general and specific plans.


Partnership and Collaboration

We provide co-ordination and guidance on working in Partnership and collaboration.


Performance Management

We prepare and maintain performance frameworks that are automated and up to date. A copy of the latest monthly performance is available here.


Continuous Improvement

We strive to continually improve and we identify where improvement is needed and where it is most possible. We manage and lead research making recommendations for change.


Business Analysis

To support improvement we carry out detailed process mapping and analysis as well as work measurement. We assess work flow and shift patterns to ensure they are the most effective and efficient but also fair to the staff who have to work around the clock.


Policy Management

We manage the generation and review of policy and procedure