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Major Crime Investigation Team & Major Incident Room HOLMES

The department’s core function is to supply training and expertise in the use of HOLMES (Home Office Large Major Enquiry System) which is used to aid the investigation of the most serious offences.


History of HOLMES

HOLMES was developed after the case of the Yorkshire Ripper. The problem encountered with the Yorkshire Ripper enquiry was the vast quantity of information collected and stored (about 40 tons of paper). It became impossible for any one person to have a complete view of the whole enquiry. HOLMES provides a computer system that not only automates the process of collecting and collating the information, but also helps to conduct the investigation in an organised and thorough manner.


HOLMES 2 - the future

We are now in the process of updating our HOLMES System with its successor, which has become known as HOLMES 2. The new system will bring the police service up to date with new technology and now provides a wealth of investigative support facilities.


Police Information Technology

The Police Information Technology Organisation, a public body set up to develop IT support with the police (they are responsible for the development of HOLMES 2).