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Intelligence Directorate

The Intelligence Directorate is a shared function serving both Dorset Police and Devon and Cornwall Police. Part of the Crime and Criminal Justice Command, members of the 300 strong team are based from locations in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall – and provide vital intelligence and analysis services to both police forces.

Intelligence information is continuously received and collected from a variety of sources. Members of the directorate collate and analyse this information and then use it in the most productive way to fight crime. Information comes in from police officers, members of the public, from Crime stoppers and a number of other places including other police forces and partner agencies across the country.

Once received, intelligence information is checked, graded and used as part of an on-going 24/7 analysis process. Specific and focused intelligence reports are then distributed to the relevant policing area so that a fuller picture can be compiled about the criminal activity or offending behaviour of the groups or individuals involved.

The intelligence gathered allows local officers to take effective action to tackle the problems. This can be through surveillance, targeted patrols or the obtaining of search warrants on the offenders and their premises. It is often directly through our intelligence that arrests can be made.

These processes are aligned to the processes of the National Intelligence Model utilised by forces and its effectiveness in driving frontline policing business. The intelligence services provided by members of the Intelligence Directorate play a vital role in responding and tackling crime in your neighbourhood

The Intelligence Directorate consists of a number of smaller teams or units, including;

• General Enquiries
• 24 Hour Threat Risk and Harm Support (i24)
• Intelligence Support
• Partnership Information Sharing
• Analytical and Research
• Telecommunication enquiries
• Prison Liaison
• Covert Authorities
• Surveillance
• NIM support

The Intelligence Directorate also acts as the police point of liaison for the Crime stoppers scheme, which is managed by an independent trust. The scheme is a mechanism through which the public can give information, in complete anonymity, which is passed to the police. 


The freephone telephone number for anyone wishing to give information is 0800 555 111. Click here to visit the Crimestoppers website.