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Solicitor Support

Client Online Bail Enquiry


This web page has been created to assist local solicitors who are representing clients for Dorset related matters. This page facilitates the ability to apply for key, up to date, client information, on-line, 24 hours.

The demand to supply client information to solicitors (post the actual custody event) is increasing, despite clients being given such information in a clear written format upon their release. Therefore in order to reduce the number of solicitor related calls for information, which often require our call takers to perform detailed and time consuming research to fulfil such requests, often during our most busy weekday, daytime periods, we are now offering an on-line service.

A recent survey indicated that some calls from solicitors can take around 45 minutes each to deal with and that the volume of calls over a year is in the thousands, mostly asking for the same information for clients i.e. their next bail dates, who is the OIC, etc. We are therefore providing and seeking the co-operation and assistance of local solicitors, to help us, help them, by applying for such information on-line. This can be achieved in the office or by smartphone etc. Our call takers can then research what is required off-line and can respond via secure email. Secure emails protect personal data and are free to apply for.

Call takers will research and process information for these non urgent requests during quieter periods of demand, for example overnight. We aim to respond to online Solicitor requests within 24 hours.

Our priority is to answer calls from the public in a timely manner, with austerity and reduced staffing numbers, more efficient practices need to be adopted. The support of local solicitors is therefore required to make this new service and option a success.

We will of course continue to “By Exception” take urgent short calls relating to clients via the 101 service.