Misconduct Findings

Misconduct Findings

In July 2015 Police Forces were required to conduct misconduct hearings in public, unless there was a specific reason not to do so. Information about the misconduct hearings held in the last 24 months are listed below. 

This page will be updated in the event of a public hearing being scheduled. 


Hearing Date Officer Rank Summary of misconduct Outcome
01/11/17 Constable

The officer used a police pool car for personal use and used the police computer information system to access information on family members. Click here for details.

15/09/17  Constable

The officer having entered into a relationship with a vulnerable victim of abuse who the officer had met in the course of his duty. The chair of the hearing determined that, due to the circumstances of the case and representations made by persons involved, the hearing took place in private. Click here for details.

20/01/16 Constable  Carried out checks on Dorset Police systems for non-policing purposes. Disclosed police intelligence to an individual not entitled to it. Click here for details.  Dismissed with 28 days notice
7-10/12/15 Sergeant and Constable  The constable entered into an inappropriate relationship with a vulnerable person. The two officers conspired to cover up this relationship. Click here for details.  Dismissed
01/12/15 Constable Used fuel cards to fill up personal vehicle. The officer at a later Crown Court hearing admitted 11 counts of fraud by false representation and received a suspended prison sentence and 15 hours unpaid work. Click here for details. Dismissed
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