Chief Officer contact with the media

Here you will find a register of any contact between Chief Officers and media representatives that does not result in media coverage.

The vast majority of contact between officers and the media is planned and in relation to specific incidents or issues, where they may be interviewed or quoted to give their view. Such contact is not recorded in this log, as it is already available and transparent through quotes included in News Releases issued by Dorset Police and/or in resulting media coverage.

This log would record any interactions that take less formally or are unplanned, such as media being invited for an Editors' briefing or Chief Officers speaking to journalists at a civic event.

A record is made of any contact in the same way Hospitality is recorded. Any contact will be released on a quarterly basis, in a Document List below.

Please note: Since this process was started in June 2016 in response to recommendations in the Leveson Report, there has been no relevant contact to disclose.

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