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Chief Officer's Expenses & Expenditure

Here you will find the registers of Expenditure and Expenses incurred by our Chief Officer's as they carry out their duties.

For information regarding the current Chief Officer's working for Dorset Police, please follow this link

The expenses below, will include the following:

  • Costs incurred that facilitate policing business.
  • Where considered to be necessary this will include payment for other staff members. For example, a minute taker attending a meeting with a Chief Officer.
  • Occasional requirement to purchase equipment and services on behalf of the force.
  • Booking of Accommodation where the location, time and/or nature of the business requires an overnight stay.
  • Since all our Chief Officers retain various national and regional policing responsibilities, occasional associated expenses that fit within the categories listed above will be included.

Please follow the links below which will take you to the relevant information;







(Please note: Chief Officer Expenses will be proactively published on conclusion of each financial year, but as a minimum they will be updated every quarter.)