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Charging Regime & Policy

Interviews in Connection with Civil Proceedings

  • The fee for an interview with a Police Officer is £100.00 per officer.
  • Officers who are required to attend Court to give evidence in connection with Civil Proceedings will be served with a witness summons and shall also receive the sum of £6.00.
  • For each day an Officer is required to attend Court for the purposes of giving evidence a maximum sum of £20.25 will be payable in respect of each officer.  The party calling the Police Officer to give evidence at Court will also be required to reimburse each officer their travelling, hotel and subsistence expenses.


Charges for Road Traffic Collision Information

Description of Information Charge
Limited Particulars £35.00
Collision Extract £75.00
Interview with officer after collision abstract produced £125.00
Copies of Statement £35.00
Vehicle Examiners Report £70.00
Collision Investigation Report (Price if report is already in existance. If no such report has been produced then the hourly rate for accident reports shall apply) £75.00
Video Tape £75.00
Audio Tape £40.00
CD/DVD set of Images £15.00
Photo Administration £16.52
Price Per Photo £2.30
Hourly Rate Accident Reports £49.52


Charges for Child Protection and Domestic Violence Information

Description of Information  Charge
Child Protection Pack £40.00
Other Documentation £40.00
Domestic Violence Records £40.00
Tape Transcribing £26.22


Pedlar's Certificate

The fee for a Pedlar's Certificate is £12.25.


Data Protection Subject Access

The fee for subject access is £10.00 per category.


Requests for Fingerprints

There are occasions when persons request the police to take their fingerprints for their Overseas Visa applications, or their Criminal Record Bureau checks. It has been nationally agreed that the taking of such fingerprints will only incur charges in the following circumstances:-

Overseas Visa Requests - where a person requires a ten print set to be taken to facilitate the obtaining of a visa. £63 for the first set and £32 for any subsequent set

Criminal Records Bureau - overseas vetting - this relates to non criminal justice matters and is linked to applications by non UK persons, who are applying to work with children. This is an issue for the employer, as there is no legal requirement for such checks to be carried out. Again in these circumstances the fee charged will be £63 for the first set and £32 for any subsequent set.


Firearms and Shotgun Fees

Description Charge
Grant of a Firearm Certificate £50.00
Renewal of a Firearm Certificate £40.00
Grant of a Shotgun Certificate £50.00
Renewal of a Firearm Certificate £40.00
Renewal of a Firearm Certificate (£40.00) and renewal of a Shotgun Certificate (£10.00) at the same time £50.00
Variation of a Firearm Certificate, so as to increase the number of firearms held on a Certificate £26.00
Replacement of a Firearm Certificate, which has been lost or destroyed £9.00
Replacement of a Shotgun Certificate, which has been lost or destroyed £8.00
Registered Firearms' Dealer's Application £150.00
Renewal of Registered Firearms Dealership £150.00
Temporary Registered Firearms Dealership £12.00
Visitor's Shotgun Certificate £12.00
Visitor's Firearm Certificate £12.00


Charges for Police Officers

  Constable Sergeant Inspector Chief Inspector Superintendent
Cost per Day £422.40 £507.52 £501.04 £542.48 £681.76
Cost per Hour £52.80 £63.44 £62.63 £67.81 £85.22
Cost per 4  Hours(minimum) 211.20 £253.76 £250.52 £271.24 £340.88