Misconduct Findings

Forthcoming Misconduct Hearings

A misconduct hearing will be held from Monday 13 January to Wednesday 15 January 2020, starting at 10am at Dorset Police Headquarters, Winfrith, DT2 8DZ.
The officers concerned are Police Constable Hannah White and Police Constable Jamie Woodfine. The Standards of Professional Conduct that are alleged to have been breached are in respect of Duties and Responsibilities and Honesty and Integrity.
The allegations are:
That on 25 June 2018 the officers attended a home for a welfare check and upon seeing a man at the address, failed to take positive action and arrest the man who was in breach of a non-molestation order in respect of the female occupant of the home.
Furthermore, it is alleged the officers failed to follow the Dorset Police domestic abuse investigations policy and procedure.
It is also alleged that the officers knowingly caused a false, misleading or inaccurate log entry to be made, which failed to accurately reflect the factual circumstances of the visit to the home.
Any members of the public wishing to attend must contact the Professional Standards Department to register their interest by 1pm on Thursday 9 January 2020. Please note, due to the restricted nature of the venue numbers will be limited.
Email – complaints&misconduct@dorset.pnn.police.uk
Telephone – 01202 223808

Misconduct Findings

In July 2015 Police Forces were required to conduct misconduct hearings in public, unless there was a specific reason not to do so. Information about the misconduct hearings held in the last 24 months are listed below. 


Hearing Date

Officer Rank

Summary of misconduct





PC Woodfine and former PC White attended the address of a woman on 25 June 2018 and found a man present with her who was prohibited from contacting the woman and being at the address by a non-molestation order. After speaking with them, the officers did not arrest the man for breaching the order and knowingly allowed a false log entry to be recorded that the man was not present at the address. The conduct of both officers was judged to have fallen below the standards of professional behaviour relating to Honesty and Integrity and Duties and Responsibilities and the breaches were found to amount to gross misconduct.

Had PC White, who had left the Force prior to the misconduct hearing, still been employed she would have been dismissed. PC Woodfine was dismissed. 




Former PC Fletcher made an arrest for shoplifting in March 2019. He then produced a statement indicating he had during the arrest provided the suspect with the grounds for the arrest and detention in compliance with The Police and Criminal Evidence Act, Code G (Powers of Arrest). Former PC Fletcher knew he had not provided that information and completed his statement knowing it was not the truth. His conduct, in making that false claim, was judged to have fallen below the standards of professional behaviour relating to his authority and conduct to a level whereby had he still been employed he would have been dismissed.

Had he still been employed he would have been dismissed.






The former officer, who will not be named for legal and safeguarding reasons, conducted a sexual relationship with a vulnerable witness who he had met in the course of his duties. As a result of this relationship, the former officer* breached the police standards of professional behaviour. (*The officer resigned the day before the hearing.) The outcome was that had he still been employed, he would have been dismissed. 

Had he still been employed he would have been dismissed.