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Safety Cameras and Speeding

2020 Disclosures

1.       How many motorists have been caught speeding in your force area, broken down by month for 2018 and 2019?
2.       The total amount of money in fines issued to drivers for speeding offences, broken down by month for 2018 and 2019.
3.       What is the top speed someone has been caught driving in a) 20mph, b) 30mph, c) 40mph, d) 50mph, e) 60mph and f) 70mph zone, broken down by year for 2018 and 2019.


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  1. How many fixed speed cameras are installed in your force area?
  2. How many fixed speed cameras in your force area are a) permanently turned on, b) permanently turned off and c) temporarily in use.
  3. Is there a speed tolerance on the fixed cameras used in your area, and if so, what is the tolerance? For example, 10% + 2mph.


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1. How much money has your force made from safety awareness courses in 2017, 2018 and 2019?
2. How much did it cost your force to run these safety awareness courses in 2017, 2018 and 2019?
3. How many people completed these safety awareness courses in 2017, 2018 and 2019?

Please can the answers refer to the full calendar year (1st January to 31st December).

Just as a side note as some forces have asked for clarification; by safety awareness courses, I mean it as an umbrella term for all driver retraining schemes offered to motorists instead of receiving points and a fine – specifically a safety awareness course that incorporates a National Speed Awareness Course, a What’s Driving Us? Course, or a National Motorway Awareness Course.


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The Dorset Road Safety Department have provided the following information:

 During the 2018 and 2019 calendar years, how many temporary fixed position speed cameras were withdrawn from service that were positioned at a site where a temporary speed limit had been introduced because of road maintenance?
(This figure should include all those temporary cameras that were installed and removed during 2018 and 2019 but also those installed prior to the end of 2018 but subsequently removed during 2018 or 2019.) 

 For each of the temporary cameras referred to above please state: 
 a) When was it installed? 
 b) When was it removed? 
 c) Where it was positioned? 
 d) What was the original speed limit on the road? 
 e) What was the temporary speed limit being enforced for the cameras? 
 f) In relation to the temporary speed limit (i) what was the total number of violations of the limit that were detected by the system and (ii) and how many notices of intended prosecution were sent to motorists? 
 g) What was the highest speed or highest average speed recorded at this site and (if known) the make and model of the vehicle involved and the penalty imposed? 


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How many drivers were caught exceeding a 30mph limit in your force from 23rd March – 13th April 2019?


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I am seeking some information around the new types of fixed speed cameras bring installed in Dorset.

Specifically the camera SWDO052, located on Ringwood road opposite The Range.

  1. What new technology does this new speed camera use?
  1. What are both cameras used for specifically?
  1. Can this camera catch drivers speeding on the other side of the road?
  1. Who makes the camera
  1. What exact speed triggers a fine and or how fast do you have to be going for it to alert you to a speeding driver?
  1. does it catch drivers on their phones?
  1. do you plan to install these new cameras in other parts of Dorset? Do you have a roll out plan to that effect?


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Hi, I’m looking to find out information about the new Fixed speed cameras being installed locally. They look very different to the previous ones, and I’m interested in knowing how they work and what they can do.


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1) Are these cameras capable of catching you travelling over the speed limit in either direction.

2) Do these contain ANPR capabilities, and will they be used to identify those distracted at the wheel through the use of a mobile phone for instance?

3) Standard Gatso camera's catch you within roughly 25 metres of the camera. There has been some speculation that these new cameras can catch you 15 times this distance. What range does the speed enforcement part of the new camera have?

4) Can these act as average speed cameras? By this I mean: If someone were to drive past camera A and B within the speed limit, but to have reached camera B in a time that would mean on average the individual had been driving at excess speed between to the camera sites, would they be sent an NIP?


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Does this device record average speed between devices.

Do these devices have 5G capabilities

Please can you advise on the function of the larger unit, which appears to have two circular lenses and what looks like an led/strobe light below. Does this unit have a camera capable of issuing speeding notices?

Does this unit capture vehicles details that may be exceeding the speed limit in both lanes?

Does this unit have an extended range from the previous camera fitted and if so what is that range?

Do these cameras capture vehicle details in both directions

What is the cost of replacement for one unit to be upgraded

How many units have been upgraded in Dorset

How many of these devices have been installed in new sites


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Over the past few days/weeks I have seen new Un-manned speed cameras being erected in place of old ones. Would you be able to tell me the new features and what they could do? Just so I can get a better understanding.


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I see there are replacement cameras going up on existing poles/sites in Bournemouth and Poole.

These devices look different to the originals. Is it possible to pass me some information on what these new pieces of equipment do (if any) over and above speed enforcement.

I have tried to look for this information on line but can't seem to find anything. Also your website is very interesting, but a bit out of date?


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Please provide the number of offences of speeding vehicles enforced in April 2019 and April 2020.

Please provide separate figures for each of the two periods.

If possible, please provide the maximum speed for each speed limit (20/30/40/50/60 and 70mph).


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(First request) How many speeding offences and speed awareness courses have been waived or not pursued from dates 01.10.2018 to 30.4.2019?

(Second Request) How many speeding offences and speed awareness courses have been waived or not pursued from dates 01.10.2019 to 30.4.2020 and if the number is higher than same period previous year is this due to the Covid 19 restrictions that are in place?


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1. Can you confirm the difference in the number of speeding fines given out in your county in February 2020 and April 2020

2. Can you confirm the drop in speeding fines revenue in April 2020 compared to February 2020 in your region (i.e. the difference in the amount paid in speeding fines from February 2020 to April 2020)


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Please may you provide the number of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued for speeding offences broken down by month for the period January 2018 to May 2020.


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For the year 2019/20

1) What is the fastest speed you have recorded a vehicle to have travelled on a road monitored by a speed camera?

2) What was the make and model of the vehicle and was it a police or civilian vehicle?

3) Where did the incident take place and what was the speed recorded?

4) Was the driver prosecuted? If so, what was the penalty imposed? If not please provide a brief summary of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

5) In relation to activations of any type of speed camera in your area in 2019/20 how many did not progress to any further action because the registration plate was NOT from the UK and so there was no way of identifying the driver? What was the highest speed recorded where the vehicle had a foreign registered plate and the case was discontinued? If possible please state where this activation occurred and the nation the vehicle was registered in?


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Please may we have the total number of vehicles caught speeding by the force from mobile speed camera devices in 2020. Can we also please have the data from 2019 separately and also 2018.

Could these totals also be broken down to show if the ticket was handed out by mobile speed camera vans or from handheld devices – if this is not possible under FOI please disregard this section.

Could we also have the total numbers for 2020, 2019, and 2018 broken up into individual roads?

Could we also have the data for the highest speed detected by a mobile speed camera in the force’s area in 2020, as well as 2019, and in 2018. Could you please say which road this was on?

In each year, could you also provide how many of those caught speeding were given a fine and or points, were offered a speed awareness course, were prosecuted or were handed any other type of punishment (please provide details if possible)?


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How many Fixed Penalty Notices has your police force handed out in 2019 and 2020 for:

  1. exceeding the speed limit?
  2. using a handheld mobile phone while driving a vehicle?
  3. driving without insurance?
  4. driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs?
  5. disobeying parking regulations?

How many accidents have there been for the year 2019 and 2020?


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Hello, there are 3 fixed speed cameras along Horton Road between Horton and Ashley Heath and I can’t find any information for these in your speed camera data list. Could you tell me how many offences have been recorded by these 3 cameras in the last 12 months?

The camera situated furthest East along this road (near Ashley Heath) appears to be new, and is perhaps digital, is this the case?

The other 2 are located in Three Legged Cross, but these appear older and the associated road markings are no longer present for the one located at the West end of Three Legged Cross. Do all 3 cameras function currently? If not, which of these cameras do function currently?


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2021 Disclosures

Would it be possible to also get the number of speeding offences for each of the top 20 roads?


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1. The number of speed fines and or fixed penalty notices issued in years: 2015, 2016, 2017,2018,2019,2020 - issued by either or all: officers, mobile speed cameras and fixed speed cameras, and any other means you have of recording speeding cars.

Data to be split by the following (if unable to split by the below, please send as it is):
• Location recorded
• Age
• Gender
• Speed recorded


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I’m looking into the control of speeding in urban areas. I’m looking for data on the enforcement of 20mph and 30mph speed limits across your jurisdiction. Are you able to supply me with any data regarding the levels of fines and prosecutions issued to motorists in the recent past, perhaps for the most recent whole year for which you have data?


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I’d like to request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act:

  1. The number of drivers caught speeding in your authority area, broken down by month for the years 2019 and 2020.
  2.  The top three speeds in which drivers were caught travelling at in your authority area for the years 2019 and 2020, and on which road each offence was recorded.

  3. The top three locations/roads for speeding offences in your authority area for the years 2019 and 2020.


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Broken down for the past five calendar years (2019 and 2020):

1) The number of speeding offences on 20mph, 30mph, 40mph, 50mph, 50mph and 70mph roads (separated for each speed limit).

2) The highest speed recorded in 20mph, 30mph, 40mph, 50mph, 60mph and 70mph roads by a non-emergency service vehicle (separated for each speed limit).

3) The make and model of car and the location for each of the recorded speeding incidents in part 2 of this request.


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