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Firearms / Licencing / Gun crime

2020 Disclosures

1) How many firearm licence holders in force area currently?

2) How many shotgun certificate holders in force area currently,,?

3) How many applications for a firearm or shotgun have been rejected in the past 5 years?

4) Scotland only for this question. How many air rifle licences been issued since introduction of legislation?  How many applications been refused?

5) What is your force policy if a license holder dies and spouse and such having no authority to be in possession? Last thing they are thinking.  Does your licence team have guidelines if so publish please


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1) For each of the last two financial years (18/19) and (19/20) please state how many juveniles (children aged UNDER 18) you arrested on suspicion of having committed a firearms offence.

2) For the (19/20) year please provide a grid showing the number of arrests for each individual age from 10 to 17 inclusive.


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