Alliance Disclosure Team

The Alliance Disclosure Team handles disclosure in the areas listed below:

  • Court Production Orders served on Dorset Police in relation to civil proceedings mainly from the family courts (not criminal proceedings). Reasonable costs may be payable for some material disclosed 
  • CAFCASS requests for level 2 checks from the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.
  • Placement with Parent Regulations requests from Social Services where temporary contact with a child(ren) in care is being sought from parents or persons with previous parental responsibility.

 How do I contact the Alliance Disclosure Team?

It is important to remember that depending on the nature and type of information you require, certain charges can apply.

Reasonable costs may be payable for some material disclosed (as detailed in Annex “3” - page 29 of the NPCC Guidelines on Charging for Police)

So what information can be disclosed to me, and how?

Still unsure as to where you should direct your information enquiry? Follow this link to our 'Accessing Information' step-by-step guide

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