PACT Surgery Video Transcript

It’s good to talk and in Dorchester, the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) are holding several Partners and Communities Together (PACT) Surgeries a month.

The video opens with footage of a PACT Surgery. PCSO Mark Wodarek-Black is seen sitting down with a member of the public, Mr Murray, discussing a problem that is causing Mr Murray distress.

They are just like a Doctor or Politicians to diagnose problems. The meetings are held one to one ensuring confidentiality. This is one such meeting that had a successful outcome as the SNT could spend more time on the issue, find out who was causing the damage and use the Restorative Justice process to bring the victim and offenders together.

The vide now switches to the location where Mr Murray lives and includes a brief interview with Mr Murray :

“They’ve been ever so brilliant, even the lads that come up here on their bikes, say ‘Hello Mr Murray’ and put their hand up and no trouble whatsoever. It’s been absolutely brilliant, it’s been a very good job that the police have done”.

The vide now cuts to a brief comment from PCSO Mark Wodarek-Black who is shown standing outside the Police Station :

“It makes me feel really good because this is a gentleman, a retired male, and this was really affecting him in a bad way and he was becoming quite ill and his quality of life was very poor. Speaking to him now, he is so grateful and he is enjoying life again and it’s something that might be a small issue, but is means a lot to him”.

Mr Murrays fence is no longer under threat from local youths, in fact he now knows the youngsters involved and enjoys a new found popularity.

The video now returns to the Mr Murrays house and we see the fence at the centre of the problem and PCSO Mark Wodarek-Black and Mr Murray walking along the pavement inspecting the fence and examining the work that has been carried out to repair the wooden panel fence.

He’s slowly getting all of the fence panels repaired or replaced and is looking forward to a more inclusive future within his local community.

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