PACT Postcards Video Transcript

The video opens with a high street scene in Lyme Regis on a windy but sunny day. There follows a brief view out to sea where the waves can be seen breaking along the shoreline against a grey overcast sky.

Lyme Regis , occasionally battered by winter storms, making it difficult for some people to reach public meetings.

So to allow all members of the local community the chance to get their points across, the local SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) decided to use PACT (Partners and Communities Together) postcards.

The video now cuts to a close-up of one of the PACT postboxes and then switches to a brief interview with PCSO John Burton of the Lyme  Regis Safer Neighbourhood Team :

“Generally the number of postcards handed into us tends to increase towards the date of the next PACT Meeting. For instance at the last meeting we had approximately 30 postcards handed in just prior to the meeting and they were instrumental in our top priority being selected”.

The video also includes brief footage of a member of the public placing his completed postcard in the PACT postbox.

The postboxes can be found in a diverse range of places from Old People Homes, Council Offices and here in a Community Centre, helping locals in Lyme Regis feel part of the PACT process.

We then see PCSO John Burton going into a community centre to empty the PACT postbox. We see him removing the top of the box, placing his hand inside the box and removing the postcards.

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