PACT Meeting Video text transcript

Melcombe Regis PACT meetings are a good example of partner organisations getting together to work with the local community to solve problems.

The video starts with footage of the police members of the PACT Panel satin amongst the attendees of a meeting of the Melcombe Regis Pact Panel.

The PACT Panel members themselves found that by sitting at the front they could be seen as intimidating to the public.

The video now cuts to a comment from the PACT Panel Chairman Dave Burchill :

“I think it’s lovely, I think it’s great and I’m very pleased and honoured to still be doing it and to actually see, which is the main thing, the improvements in our area. You know, we stared off with really bad anti-social behaviour and really bad drug taking and now we’re down to dog dirt and seagulls pooing on people, so I thinks it’s an improvement”.

The video now switches to the Councils Licensing Officer addressing the meeting. The Councils Licensing Officer came along to the meeting to report on moves to reduce the number of people standing outside pubs, a typical example of something that worries members of the local community.

The video now cuts to PC Mike Green :

“Overall it’s quite positive, certainly the police response. We are answerable to the public, every priority that is a police issue we have to come back to the next meeting and report exactly what we have done and if we haven’t done something we have to tell the public why”.

Other issues made it onto the board to be voted on at the end of the meeting, this way the priorities for the PACT Panel are now set for the following two months, until the next meeting.

The video ends with a shot of a large white flip board at the front of the meeting hall. The board has several issues written on it in black marker pen. By the side and around these issues yellow stickers have been placed to indicate votes as to which issue is of most concern to the people who attended the meeting.

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