EVA video transcript

Envionmental Visual Audits. Another way to encourage communication and to give local residents the chance to point out the visual signs of crime and disorder that affect their feelings of safety.

The video opens with a typical street scene, three people are seen stood in the middle of a road, they can be seen examine the road surface. It is apparent that the road surface is breaking up with large chunks of tarmac lying in the road and large holes all over the surface of the road. There follows a brief interview with PC Julian Humphries.

“Their main concern on this part of Humber Road is the delamination of the road surface and as you can see behind me, there’s quite a lot of this breaking up, it’s a matter for safety, it’s a matter of appearance and if a place doesn’t look good there’s going to be other things wrong as well”.

Around the corner from here, Ford Lane was looking run down with weeds growing out of the pavements. The SNT worked with the locals to get the undergrowth cleared.

The video cuts to PC Julian Humphries and a member of the PACT Panel walking around the estate, examining the site of some previous clearance work, undertaken as a result of the PACT Panel visual audits.

The local PACT Panel regularly go out on Environmental Visual Audits and hold Street Corner Meetings as part of that process.

The video now switches to another part of the estate, where the PACT Panel member and Community Safety Officer can be seen examining waste that has been dumped in the undergrowth, and there follows an interview with Community Safety Officer Martha Perry.

“Probably the most valuable part of the PACT process, it gives residents on the estate an opportunity to see us a Agencies working together and to understand that we are here, we are interested in their concerns and their problems and that we will listen to them. If we sit in a room and have a meeting or hold a public meeting we can’t necessarily guarantee that we will get the right people there. If we actually come out on to the estate we get to meet the residents who wouldn’t necessarily come to a public meeting or know that we are meeting as Agencies”.

Once issues are identified the partners can work together fixing them and this includes the local community, getting out on events such as litter picks to improve their local environment.

The video ends with still photographs showing previous issues dealt with by the Panel, including before and after photographs and video footage of a recent litter pick, with parents and children all taking part, equipped with high visibility waistcoats and litter picking equipment.

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