Community Engagement Methods & Meetings

Public Meetings

NPT Meetings are regular meetings where members of the public, living or spending time in the local area, can raise their issues and discuss local priorities. The NPT will then suggest actions to address the priorities identified.


NPT Surgeries

NPT Surgeries provide the community with the opportunity to talk to an officer about issues specific to their area. They are open to anyone living or spending time in their area and members of the public can come along at any time during the given period to talk to local community safety service providers.



NPTs regularly use social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to engage directly with the public, offering regular crime prevention advice and awareness but also developing an online relationship with its community, raising confidence and understanding of local policing.

NPTs also use a variety of online chat services to enable more detailed discussion about current and emerging local issues.



This is when an NPT joins resources with external organisations and the public to address and problem solve local issues in the community. This may involve community meetings, online discussions or other methods to gain feedback and then to empower all involved to influence change in their community and perhaps how policing is delivered in their community where practicable.


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